We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Arnesis Ramos | Photographer

I have always had an interest in photography. I was always around a camera, even at the young age of 7 I found myself having fun with my dad’s Polaroid. As I got older, I started getting into digital cameras and found I was the family member with a camera on hand at every gathering. Through the years my interest in photography kept growing and although it is not my primary career; my favorite pastime became my side business. The why- I love capturing memories for others as much as I’ve loved doing it for myself ever since I can remember. Read more>>

Duane Binion | Rapper

We have always had a passion for music but grew up in times where outsides might call this an unrealistic dream. We are making history and creating platforms for the next generation of openly LGBT+ Hip hop artists and singers to stand confidently as who they are. Read more>>

Eric Aukstikalnis (Aukoustics) | Music Producer, Songwriter, DJ

This really is a great question because I feel like most people don’t even try. Most of us have creative passions or artistic endeavors that we simply don’t take the risk on because it isn’t the stable thing to do. From a very young age, my dad always told me to follow my dreams, no matter how crazy they seemed. I chose to pursue a career in music because I loved it, and it was my dream. Read more>>

Glam Graham | Rapper & Beauty Vlogger

When I was a small child my mother used to tell me to sing and perform for her friends to entertain them when they were hanging out at out home in Chicago, IL. I liked performing in front of people and when I first started seeing rap music videos come on TV I knew that was what I wanted to do as a career. Read more>>

Jaylyn Roberson | wig specialist/colorist

Growing up I have always been artistic. Growing up some of my dream occupations were to be a fashion designer, artist, or anything that allowed me to express my creativity. I started out drawing pictures for family members around my early teen years. My family caught on to my interest and eventually I was gifted canvases, paint/art sets, sewing machines, etc. That same sewing machine I was gifted is the same sew machine I use today to make my custom-made wigs, Read more>>

Adedotun Adeniji | Digital marketer

I did because it was something I always wanted to do. Over the years I worked on different creative contents, just for the love of it. Then i made a decision to go all in. Read more>>

Acacia Markel | Singer Songwriter

Well , I was always quiet growing up. I used poetry and dance to speak for me, and after a while I got really good and combined those skills with music. It felt like second nature, and I knew I didn’t want to have a career that felt forced. Read more>>

Nathalie Candelaria Santiago | Small Business owner & Makeup enthusiast

I have always had an overactive imagination. I fell in love with art and drawing as a child and as I grew older that love remained but also expanded into different art forms. I just absolutely love doing something creative with my hands. I love the mellow feelings it brings me while I’m creating and then the proud accomplished feelings of when that project is finished! Read more>>

Riquel Angela | Actress & Content Creator

I chose to pursue a Creative Career because I have always been artistic from a young age. I grew up singing and performing in the Church Choir, School Chorus group, and acting in School Plays. I Admire all things that are considered Art. When I started college as Business Student, I knew something was missing. I missed performing and being able to express myself through my passion for the arts and acting. I then changed my major and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance and a Minor in Business Administration. Read more>>

Keke The Great | Comedian, Author, Writer and Actress

Of course there’s always an interesting backstory…. It all started when I was about 6 years young. I was a bit of a loner especially because I had what some would call a weird way of thinking. I did not want to play with many toys and play video games all day. When I was not outside imagining what each rider in the vehicles passing by lives were like. I would create my own imaginary world in my bedroom to escape. I would create different characters and act them out. Read more>>

Madina T. Robinson | Actor & Model

I feel that art and a creative career pursued me. From an early aged I was artistic in some way, shape, or form. When I was about 5 years old I found my love for drawing. When I became a teenager I found my love for dance. In my 20’s I found a love for modeling and fashion. And now in my 30’s I have found a love for acting and want to pursue that at full speed. So regardless of what I thought my path would or should have been, the arts has always been on my tail. Looking back, I had no choice but to follow in my purpose and be an artist. Read more>>