We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Megan Dougherty | Headshot Photographer

I’m very determined, I’m a perfectionist, I’m good with time management and I’m a night owl. I’m very detail oriented, and I believe in sending out only the best to my clients. I’ll go over my work in great detail and make sure I’m happy with it before it ever goes out to anyone. When working with my clients, I treat everyone with respect and how I would like to be treated. Everyone is welcome in my studio! I love meeting new people and working with clients who have become friends. I have a very relaxed space, and like to keep my sessions fun! I also adhere to the deadlines I promise. I try to give as much information about the industry as I can, to get them going in the right direction. I try to have very open communication, and I really do enjoy helping my clients. Read more>>

Shay Sutton | Fashion Designer and Show Producer

I’m a risk taker and I don’t believe in waiting on others to present me with an opportunity. When I know there is something I want for my life or career in general, I will learn all I can to get to the next level or create my own opportunities. I did this with my clothing line, my fashion week and my magazine. Read more>>

Cleavon Meabon | Vision Engineer/ Writer & Director

I am hardheaded…it’s a habit. I don’t listen to most people…it’s a habit. I take risks…it’s a lifestyle. Sticking to my guns has been the key to my success. It is not always intentional; however, I defy views to achieve things that are beyond me. What has been presented is merely a foundation to build more. There are more innovative ways to do things. You must be a rule breaker to think outside of the box. I have ignored the fragile labels on the boxes that I’ve been put in so that I can create something magnificent and be whole in pieces. Ingenuity is a mosaic of talents coming together for the awe of evolution. My entire career has been a habitual risk of my own creation. This is my blessing and my curse. Read more>>

April Wier | Director, Sugar Five Design

Intentionally developing relationships with mentors – I try to serve those who are willing to teach me. I share their posts, I attend their events, and generally make myself of use. People want to invest in those that invest in them. We are never so far along in our careers that we don’t need people at the next level to show us the way. Being my own mentor – Instead of always reaching out for perspective, sometimes we just need to step outside ourselves to see the obvious. Forest for the trees, and all that. I will think to myself, “If I asked Kathy (my longtime mentor) what I should do in this situation, what would she say?” It seems so simple, but sometimes we forget we can step outside ourselves and be our own best mentor. Listening to podcasts and reading, reading, reading – A hungry brain needs food. Read more>>