We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Bryan Santana | Boudoir & Portrait Photographer

Some habits I feel helped me succeed were consistency, and I was consistently looking for more creative styles of either techniques or editing styles. Read more>>

Brandon Barnett | Audio Engineer & Sound Designer

I feel like my success depends on maintaining interest. Being inspired is easily a top contender in how to continue to move forward with your goals. Once your momentum stops then others cant see the vision anymore either. Once you believe in it and push for it, then people come around to support you because they can see it. Read more>>

Debo Loudd | Designer & Artist

Being consistent in my craft and allowing myself to mess up in the process of learning something new. Also planning and organizing most definitely makes the process smooth & I don’t force things i just let it flow, Read more>>

Gabrielle Longley | Entrepreneur

The habits that help me succeed are being intentional about my time, planning, and staying grounded. I’m intentional with my time in thinking about how what I’m doing currently can help me reach my goals for the future. Being a business woman requires balancing work and life. What helps me balance is having a planner and writing my to-do’s down or random notes, so that I can stay on track. Lastly, staying grounded to me means being grateful and insightful, despite of the struggles I face in life. Read more>>

Erymis Pittman | Entrepreneur/ Traveling Cosmetologist & Certified Lash Technician

Typically, being nosy is looked down upon or even made into a joke. But being nosy has helped me get this far in my career. I like to pick people’s brain, see how they view the world. I find it fascinating to here a person’s life story. “Where are you from? Tell me about you parents? What did they did teach you? What do you do for work? Do you love it? How did you get into that?” You start to create positive connections, which is a great way to network. Read more>>

Pamela Bass | CEO & Broker

Virtuous is the essence of my character, and character matters. No matter how good the service or product people remember how they are received and how they are treated. I am certain sustainable success comes with walking virtuously and operating in excellence with consistency. Read more>>

Sandra Parker | Author, Professional Life and Mindset Coach & Transformational Speaker

Prayer and time with God has and continues to help with my success. In fact, life without prayer is a non-negotiable for me. Prayer for me, is a spiritual weapon of mass destruction that really helps me to move from negative energy to a more positive mindset, whether in my business or personal life. Read more>>

Brandi Shonté | Fashion model

I practice in the mirror almost everyday ! Everyday it’s something different, one day it might be my facial expressions and figuring out what works best for me. The next day it could be posing and finding different angles ! The biggest habit of all is just being comfortable with looking at yourself in the mirror, and loving everything that you see. Self-love definitely played a huge part in helping me succeed. Read more>>

AAkia Hinton | Hair stylist

Prayer is one of the habits that helped me succeed. Honestly without Gods grace and mercy I don’t know where I would be . I remember praying asking God to continue to bless my hands and to continue to guide me into the right direction and for growth. I pray this prayer daily because it has definitely gotten me to where I am today . Hearing encouraging words from friends family and even clients makes me go even harder because their support and love is what also blessed me where I am today . Ifeelprettyhairr will continue to be amazing and the world will know about ifeelprettyhairr forever thank you family and friends for your love and support let’s continue to bless crowns and turn frowns upside down! Read more>>