We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Toni Shaw | Owner of Shaw Photography Group – Principal Photographer

When people ask me how do I continue to get the business that I get, I have to say that the key habits that have helped me and my business be so successful is: 1. Being consistent. I vowed to work at my craft on a daily basis since I first declared my desire for wanting to be a professional photographer. Many photographers contact me and say they want to be better, they want to be stronger but with any job or career, you have to work hard at it and I find so many that start out thinking there’s a secret. The secret it being consistent and finding all you can find in your industry to study. Even if there are areas that you don’t like about the industry or our craft, you at least need to know enough to be able to talk about, which leads you to be more proficient and knowledgeable. Read more>>

Tanita Winchester | Entrepreneur & Jackeé of All Trades

Honestly, staying grounded, having faith and not giving up. I’ve wanted to give up sooooo many times lol. Like legit crying like why am I not making thousands of dollars lol? But learning how to be patient and trusting God and having those special circle of friends in your corner, it definitely helps you to keep pushing for what you are going so hard for. Read more>>

Bianca “Mz Bee” Lee | Life & Purpose Coach and Business Mentor

The habits that I feel helps with consistent success is discipline and focus in tasks, continued education within your area of expertise (as there’s always new information available to ensure elevation within your niche) and remaining integral at all times. Read more>>