Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

George Holliday | Music Producer & Founder/Director

Work life balance has always been a struggle of mine. I think about what I do for a living every single day because I love it! I always recommend to everybody and anybody to try your utmost best to make your passion your career because it’s your passion that will ultimately drive it to become successful and give you fulfilment. If you are thinking about your passion all the time then that’s the thing in your life that you will have the best ideas for, and the best motivation for so it makes complete sense! Read more>>

Demonta & Kenesha Coleman | Caterers & Food Truck Operators

Having a sustainable work/life balance was one of the most greatest factors that propelled us into entrepreneurship. Having children was decision that we did not take lightly and bring present and available for the important moments in their childhood was non negotiable. We have found a profitable niche market in the catering/food truck industry that allows us to earn a sustainable income and be available for ourselves and our children in a meaningful way. Formulating a business model that fits the lifestyle you desire is key. Read more>>

Sofia Bork | Community Affairs Manager – Truist

In my 20’s I felt like I had to be working all the time and stretched myself thin because there were so many projects and organizations that I was passionate about, but I wasn’t prioritizing time with my family. As a culture we uplift being “busy” as an ideal, when in reality it isn’t helpful, and doesn’t allow you to rest. When you rest and intentionally build that time into your day, you’ll see a change. It’s so important to make time to be with your family and loved ones because you always can go back and volunteer or serve in leadership roles, but you can’t replicate that time spent with your family. Read more>>

Brian O Connor | Podcaster

This is one that I feel constantly needs work. I feel like there is no such thing as the perfect work life balance. In the past I have fully thrown myself into work and have neglected the ‘life’ part. As I’ve grown older I have realized the importance of being on your own time as I like to call it. We are constantly on other peoples time, may it be work or commitments outside work. Nowadays when I finish work and get to my car I take a deep breath and say ‘now I’m on my time’ I totally relax in the thought that I can choose how I want to spend my time which is usually with my kids and family. Read more>>