Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Hannah Lori | Actress

I think that for the most part, I have always balanced it pretty well. However, there were times where I would get too far in my head and think about how I’m not as far in my career as I want to be. I would hear stories about people who were basically homeless before they made it big or they risked everything for success and I would start thinking that I had to do that too. Read more>>

ShaVonne Cammack | Lifestyle Brand Owner/CEO

Growing professionally as an employee and as an entrepreneur, I often hear “Work-Life Balance” and I always cringe. This notion of successfully balancing home life and work life is actully a constantly changing and evolving rythem, with multiple intertwined routines. While my work life may shift and change depending upon the projects I’m working at the time, my kids school scheules and requirements are pre-determined and tend to follow the same flow every school year. Read more>>

Lauren Fisher | Consultant and Influencer

I’ve became more balanced. I’m too busy. I manage my 8–6, my influencing career and all of the organizations that I’m in. I carve out time to rest and shut down as well as productive time to pour into my passions. Read more>>

Rebecca Pry | Illustrator & Designer

I’ve been finding that the more I enjoy what I’m doing, the more I don’t mind working constantly on it. When I was working in a more corporate setting, it was very easy for me to turn off at the end of the day or on the weekends. It becomes totally different when you begin to freelance because you have to constantly be marketing yourself and always keep the momentum going. When it’s something you love to do, it’s so easy to just want to be working all the time. Read more>>

Derek Hairston Jr. | Agency Owner

Work life balance is very important to me. In fact, it’s so important that it’s listed as on my annual goals list for the business every year, as “sustain a stress-free business model.” I have not always had such a high esteem for work life balance. During my first year in business, I recall working as late (or early…given the time is proper term) as 2 and 3am. It was unordinary for me to stop working before 12am. Now, while this may have felt productive (especially in a culture that idolizes the “hustle hard, no sleep” mentality as the token of success), I was losing sleep making my waking hours less and less productive. Read more>>

Annie Johnston-Jones, Ed.D. Dymond Jones, M.S. | Director of Getting Stuff Done (Annie). and Director of Making Stuff Work (Dymond

In addition to being business partners, we are also married, so we try to be very intentional about work-life balance. Over time, we’ve gotten better at keeping this balance, and the primary reason for this is our “Supercrew” of teachers that work with us each day. By hiring the right people, we are able to delegate and share the load more and more each year. We also have gotten better about implementing new daily routines, such as me choosing to leave my laptop at school at the end of the day…it sounds simple, but it’s actually a very tangible way to ensure that I can “unplug” when I get home. Read more>>

Ariana and Vybhavi Karim and Kotiredy | President and Vice President of the Alpharetta Girl Up Chapter at Alpharetta High School

As high school students in this day and age where work, school, and extracurriculars are in the juggle of our lives, finding balance can be extremely difficult. However, being able to lead this club, with all the responsibilities that come with it, has taught us how to be transparent and responsible. For one, managing the Feminine Hygiene product drive we had last year managing a home essentials drive this year included organizing the drive, tracking inventory, and gaining support from outside groups. Read more>>