Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Anje Jackson | Custom Cake & Sweets Artist

Work life balance was always one of my biggest issues with working a traditional job. I came from middle management where I was used to fluctuating schedules. I definitely didn’t anticipate working as much as I do now but the great part is I get to control my schedule. So if my girls have a game, or play or event I don’t have to choose between work and being there for them. Now I may be up to 2am working afterwards lol but it’s worth it. I will say that over time I have become much better at organizing and planning my work and I’m at a place where I’m very satisfied with my balance. I rarely have to burn the midnight oil and I appreciate that because it took a lot of time to get to this point Read more>>

Shelby Salley | Certified Personal Trainer & Model

Most people think you should have a life outside of your work. Which is true but, when your in grind season there is no time to have a life outside of work. I am in the grind season right now working on getting Sweat Frosting in stores and a 30 day workout challenge, also working two jobs to get inventory and to survive. At first I thought that I can just live it up and be stress free and thought the clients was going to come to me. Life was like ahh no you have to go after what you want and be consistent. Read more>>

Nettia | Public Relations Operations Manager, Licensed Nail Tech, Creative

Honestly, I feel you will make time for what makes you happy, and the things that make me happy are my family and my hobbies. I work as the Public Relations Operations Manager for a county government agency in my primary role, but I am also a licensed nail tech, as well as a content creator on Instagram. It may seem I have my hands full, but I make time for the things that are important, and that includes rest and recuperation. Read more>>

Patrick Johnson | Film & Culture Content Creator & Electrical Engineer

Having the proper work life balance is incredibly important. As I’ve gotten older the construct of a healthy work life balance has become more and more important to me. When I first began my technical career straight out of college, I worked non-stop and took every opportunity for overtime that I could, even at the expense of spending time with loved ones. I did this because I believed it was what I needed to do in order to prove my worth in my workplace and show my superiors the caliber of employee I was in order to set myself apart from the rest. Nowadays I realize the fault in my younger self’s way of thinking, as although I was excelling at work, every other aspect of my life suffered greatly. I put nothing above my loved ones now, and spending quality time with them when and however I can. The scales tip heavily in their favor always. It is, in essence, the best properly improper balance there can be. Read more>>