They say life isn’t about the things that happen to you, but about the decisions you make. There’s a ton of coverage about the best decisions people have made, but not nearly enough conversation about the tough decisions. We asked folks we admire to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make and have shared some of those responses below.

Justin Louis Jones | Content Creator

My end goal is to inspire people to live life of faith. My goal is not to just be a creative, but a pastor, and I want to give people the tools necessary to walk in their story confidently and live a life of purpose whether that’s through working with them professionally or in a ministry setting. I want to travel the world and help other brads, businesses, churches, and young adults find identity, either through the content I create, or traveling and working with them in person.  Read more>>

Erika Weathers | Realtor, Author, Actress, Advocate & Flight Attendant

This is a very interesting question as a person I hope I am always evolving but my end goal would probably involve writing another book, being more active advocating for Breast Cancer becoming a motivational speaker traveling the world. I am currently a flight attendant and a Realtor for Palmer House Properties by year end I would hope to have sold several homes turning my Real estate Business into being one of the top Agents at my company. Along with my acting career taking off with multiple projects in film and television. I plan on be a very successful Realtor, Motivational Speaker and Actress, traveling the world to see all the wonders that it has to afford. Read more>>

Deborah Simon | Entrepreneur

At the end of my career I want to be able to say, I’ve taken risks and they worked out great. Professionally I want every client I’ve been able to help #makeithome say that “Honestly, Deborah got me into a home/investment that has elevated my life and my family’s life. She was able to help me house the people and mementos I love comfortably and with style.” Read more>>

Papi Curt | Rising Atlanta Artist

The end goal for me is to open doors, windows and any other outlets that’ll put people into position to better themselves. I guess I realize it’s not so much the amount of millionaires and billionaires in the world, but how many are actually willing to help. I want to give back and give people opportunities to reach new heights in life because I don’t believe majority of people who break the law for money are doing it because it preferred. It’s probably all they know and they doing what they have to do to feed their families, so you know, I get it. Read more>>

Cody Gibran | Creator of The Cafe Open Mic & Label Manager at Sony Music Entertainment

The end goal is to maintain a safe space and platform for artists to grow, develop, network, and express themselves. Most importantly we want to be able to provide opportunities for our artists and help make their dreams come true. When I’m at the end of my career I want to be able to say we added an experience to the music industry that’s been lost for decades. Places like the apollo or the nuyorican were legendary places that birthed artists and gave them a home. A place they could be understood and tangible. Read more>>

Amarah Adele | Artist

The most difficult decision I’m making is if I should keep working on my music career and modeling career or if I should just stop due to the outside world Read more>>

Elizabeth Armstrong | Wife, Mother, Therapist, Navigator

Choosing ME with out shame or guilt! Some may wonder what that means, but for me it was very difficult to choose myself. When I say “choose me” I am referencing to all things in life that naturally take me away from myself, including the many roles that I fill; mother, wife, counselor, daughter, sister, friend, auntie, and entrepreneur. In those many roles, both directly and indirectly, I am giving and pouring the parts of me that are needed at that time, in addition to time itself. I am not complaining by far because giving speaks to the core of who I am, as well as the way others see me. Read more>>

Tyler Willis | Architectural & Real Estate Photographer

This is easy . . leaving the comfort of a steady job to take the leap of faith into my own business. My father passed away in July 2021 and I was broken. He was my rock, and I knew I had to find something that gave me true joy and happiness. I had been doing real estate photography after school, I was a teacher, weekends, and holidays, and I would always call my dad after a shoot to tell him about the shoot. That’s when I knew what truly brought me joy – and I just dove right into it all, full force. Read more>>

Slim Simaa | Artist

Quitting a job with no savings or any help Read more>>

Maiya Thompson | Photographer

The most difficult decision I had to make was quitting my full time job to pursue my bachelors degree and becoming a full time entrepreneur. I was working at an Urgent care and once my new schedule came out for school my job was not able to work with my schedule. It was such a hard decision, I couldn’t see myself without a job but I only had two semesters left in school and couldn’t see myself giving up on what I worked so hard for. Becoming a full time photographer and student was the best decision because I’ve graduated school and my business flourished. Read more>>

Brandon Runkel | Model, Actor, and Filmmaker

My end goal is to be able to support myself financially through my artistic endeavors. Professionally, I want to be in the director’s chair for feature films, and be a known and respected force in the acting world by the end of my career. I want to be a show runner or producer for thirty-minute comedies and hour-long, thriller-drama limited series. I want to continue modeling for however long the industry wants my look, and then use my knowledge and experience with fashion from my modeling career to create streetwear/designer clothing brands. Read more>>