People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Monique GREEN | Owner of Mullur’e Cosmetics

The Most difficult decision I have had to make was choosing to start my business on faith or settle and continue working for a company what wouldn’t benefit me at the end. Read more>>

SY | Artist / Music Producer

I Believe The Most Difficult Decision I’ve Ever Had To Make Was Learning To Let People Go That Didn’t Benefit Me In Anyway Whether It Be Close Friends Or Family… Read more>>

LaVonda Chapman | CEO & Owner

One of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make was whether to quit my job of 7 years or not. I was working full time, running a business full time, running a household full time and still trying to have a life as well. It was extremely taxing & overwhelming mentally, emotionally and physically. It was an extremely difficult decision because in entrepreneurship, you could have a really really good month of sales and the next month subpar sales. Read more>>

Tara Brown | Chef, Educator, and Pop Up Shop Owner

The most difficult decision I’ve ever made was the choice to return to the states after going through 3 months of quarantine living in Madrid, Spain for almost six years. Read more>>