We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Anita Darling | Fine Artist

I love this question! I think it is an opportunity to generate good energy and envision grasping on to a higher potential! Honestly, the “end of my career” will be the day I’m no longer inhabiting this earth. Being an Artist is who I am. As far as the career aspect ultimately I want to develop a name surrounding the provision of artwork serving the hospitality industry. I have a real thirst to absorb artwork when I travel as well as absorb the inspiration of the area that the Artist attempted to embody. Read more>>

Shantel Christie | Model, License Esthetician & Future Entrepreneur

Where I want to be by the end of my career is a successful entrepreneur and business women . My end goal is Having my own skin care line, a mini facial spa & a dance studio that’s probably non profit for children. Read more>>

Dr. Kojo Sarfo | Forensic Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

I have two main goals. One is my main goal and the other is my selfish ambition. I’m living out my main goal as I have the privilege of serving individuals with mental health conditions everyday. My selfish goal that I would like to attain professionally is to become the first African-American owner of a professional American football team. Read more>>

Profit The Jeweler | Sales Associate Jeweler

The end goal is to definitely make a impact on others by inspiring others to go after their dreams and never look for approval from those who are small minded Read more>>