We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Lerae Funderburg | Lawyer

The end goal is freedom! Pure, unadulterated freedom! I want everything that I’ve created to be self-sustaining and require nothing from me, ever. By the end of my professional career, I hope to have raised, inspired, influenced, and motivated everyone in my employ to treat my businesses as their own, so that they do everything in their power to ensure its continued success. When everything is said and done, I want to be responsible for jump starting the careers of black lawyers who sought careers in entertainment law. I want to be known for helping black people make the transition from side hustlers to entrepreneurs that build successful businesses that stand the test of time. And most importantly, I want to leave a legacy that demonstrates the ability of black women to be wealthy, powerful, and very well accomplished without sacrificing motherhood or their families. Read more>>

Teekayy | Content Creator

By the end of my career I want to have inspired young women all across the globe to preserve creativity no matter the obstacle. As a woman that has struggled with a mental illness majority of her life I have endured so much pain and heartache just to get to where I am now and it’s ongoing so learning how to cope and keep pursuing no matter what, so by the end of my career I intend to be a Jane of all trades…I intend to write, act, direct and produce my own multimillion dollar content while sharing my story to motivate people. Read more>>

Scottlyn Marie | Owner

Everyone has their own definition of success and what it means for them to feel like they have made it or that they’ve reached that success level. Early on, I always thought my definition was flashy cars, big fancy houses, a lot of money and this lavish lifestyle. I remember, my prayer to God was to increase my finances, meet a guy who is super rich and will spoil and take care of me and to be like the women I see on tv and in movies. After starting a business from scratch and really connecting with myself and finding myself, none of those things are my definition anymore. With starting my own business, I’ve been able to help others in need, encourage and inspire other young black girls , and give back to my community. Doing those things, have become my new definition of success. Where I want to be when everything is said and done, is to not just love a financially free life and make sure my family is taken care of but I also want to help others be on that same journey. Read more>>