We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Damesha Ellis | MUA & Owner of PlushByMaevon Cosmetics

My end goal is to have a beauty spa I’m In school now finishing up this month actually so I can prepare for my state board and become a licensed esthetician. In the state of Ga now you have to be licensed to do makeup and pretty much anything face or body related. So always keeping in the back of my mind and acting on that I need to run my business’ like a business. Once I become licensed I have a few investors for my spa , thank god ! Read more>>

Dope TAF | Artist/Rapper

I’m not even gonna lie I wanna be the greatest, in the conversation. I always have high aspirations and aim for the stars to be honest. Just how I was raised! Even with the certain individuals I look up to from my mother, to my uncle and grandmother, and my grandfather. They all laid out a certain foundation of faith and belief in self, but also hard work and being consistent in your grind. Read more>>

Wiley Isaac Jr | Actor & Business Man

The end goal is leaving a legacy behind for my family, professionally I want to be wealthy business mogul with multiple streams of income impowering my career. I want my career as an actor/mogul to impower and influence many across the world even when I’m no longer here. Read more>>