We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Kari Beebe | Bookkeeper and Fiscal Advisor

I think a lot of people have the perception that bookkeepers are like Bob Cratchit in the corner toiling over ledgers in Scrooge’s “counting house.” Although that might be historically accurate for the 19th century, it is a far cry from the bookkeepers of modern day. We of the profession utilize technology and tools far superior to the dusty volumes of our predecessors. Read more>>

Briahna Gatlin | CEO & Principal Publicist of Swank PR

Outsiders are probably not aware that being in publicity is not all glamour. Events and hanging with clients is about 20% of the work. Public Relations is nothing like a 9- 5, a lot of times your burning both ends of the candle, you may work an event in the evening and have a 9:00am zoom meeting and you have to be up and aware. The real work begins when the people, lights and cameras are gone, its just you and your work ethic. Read more>>

Josh Bray Yolanda McGee | CEO / Director of Programs, SafeHouse Outreach

Josh: I have seen that most Professionals in the for-profit space don’t realize that many in the non-profit sector take their process of work seriously and strive to be top tier, efficient and productive with ‘best practices’ within this space. Yolanda: Outsiders would be unaware that homeless people are some of the most innovative, creative, and resilient people. Read more>>

Breanna Greenlee | Fashion Designer & Seamstress

One thing about the industry I’m in that outsiders are unaware of is that you have to be careful of people who have already made a name for themselves to help you. When you’re talented and unknown people use you to help them but it’s not to really help you or they make you feel like it’s an honor to work with them as if you’re the untalented creator. I’ve have to always make the decision to choose me and what’s best for my brand or the publicity to get my name out there more. Read more>>

Haley Reynolds | Cosmetic Business Owner & Entrepreneur

In the beauty industry the competitive rate is very high. There are a lot of business with the same products, but each business has that certain something that sets them apart from other businesses. As a business owner in this industry it is important that I create products that stand out so that I too can compete in this industry. Read more>>

Mike Jones | Furniture Maker

The amount of time and steps that are required to prepare lumber before you even begin to build a piece of furniture. Selecting the right boards and the milling process takes a lot of time, but makes for a better product in the end. Read more>>

Kevin Ruth | Owner of P&S Trailer Service

A lot of people don’t know that we at P&S only works on Airstreams. They are all surprised that we are able to employ as many people as we do and keep them all busy day in and day out, just to work on Airstreams. Read more>>