We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Madison Hoover | Online Health and Fitness Coach

I heavily disagree with the advice to always have a Plan B. This narrative was pushed heavily onto me growing up by my parents and their generation, and I was always ridiculed for not listening to it. However, not allowing myself to have anything besides a Plan A, is also the reason why I’ve pretty much always achieved any goal I’ve set for myself. If you are always allowing yourself to believe that you need a second option, you are already accepting failure as an outcome. Read more>>

Velvett Jenkins | Virtual Assistant & Brand Strategist

This one is a conversation that my friends and I have many times. “You have to have a good job with benefits to be successful”, they say. Many millennials will tell you how much the ‘American Dream’ does not work for our generation. Yes, the cost of living is exponentially through the roof, we need to make money to live, but we also value our time, freedom, and respect for ourselves in the workplace. There’s so much to do in the world, such as travel, spend more time with family, and do the things we love to do, but we don’t have to sit behind a desk Monday through Friday, be off for two days and your life becomes a time consuming cycle. Read more>>

John Olowe | Song Artist & Producer

I disagree with people who promote having a plan B all the time. I understand the concept of not putting all of your eggs into one basket and backing yourself up incase your dream doesn’t work out. However, I believe that people who focus on having a plan B have already doomed plan A to fail in many cases. You’re already splitting your efforts and energy into multiple things instead of just focusing the thing you truly want to do. Believe in plan A with all that you’ve got. Don’t operate with doubt. You can’t even fully operate in purpose with doubt. Read more>>