We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Paradise Afshar | Journalist

Tell people about your plans and be open about your feelings. I know a lot of the career advice we get is to be secretive about everything from our salaries to our career aspects — I think that is just counterproductive. Yes, job opportunities come from talking to your friends and colleagues, and it’s a lot easier to discuss salaries when you know how much others in your position, but that’s not why I am against secert culture. The truth is people feel alone in their careers and talking out our problems and your dreams can help break through that loneliness. There have been moments in my career when I thought I was the only one struggling, or the only one making certain mistakes. Read more>>

Jessica Brantley | Entreprenuer & Business Consultant

I disagree with the conventional advice of not acting off of hurt. I feel acting off hurt is one of the leading ways to become successful. Act off of hurt, but act accordingly is what I love to say. Artist record their best albums when they are experiencing hurt, allow it to motivate you to become everything someone doubted you to be, Boss up off that hurt. Read more>>

Hayden Short | Music Producer & Audio Engineer

A piece of advice that I receive is, “pursue a ‘normal’ career.” I think music should fall into that category. Music is in all forms of media. From news, to movies and tv, to just general consumption. It’s one of the only facets that people can express their emotions from, and I think that makes it a viable career. There’s a lot to do within the industry too. I truly believe music is one of the best careers a person could try. Some of the biggest producers in the world spend more time studying and creating music than most 9-5 employees. There are a lot of opportunities that come with music, it’s just about timing. Read more>>