We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Chrystal-Lynn El | Virtual Assistant Trainer

That your business will not see a profit in the first 3-5 years… We are in business to make money therefore when developing your plan to launch your business you should include a salary for yourself and allow for expenses. Now, I know not every month will be the same but to say that you shouldn’t expect to make money in the first 3 is ludicrous…you’re basically running an expensive hobby if that’s the case! Many business owners receive this advice and carry this energy in their business transactions. meaning they don’t question why they didn’t meet their expectations that month because they are expecting to not make any profit. Read more>>

Michelle Taylor Willis | Enterprising mom and master strategist

The thing I disagree with is that children are too young to learn certain things. Kids will often learn anything you teach them, so why keep them from learning just because we think they can’t. They’re sponges, so it’s the perfect time to teach them as much as possible. Read more>>

Destructive Creationz | Producer / Musician / Label

Having a Plan B. I feel that statement alone allows one to think that failure is already in the plan , deterring, and killing confidence early. Read more>>

Kimberly Angel W. | Boudoir Photographer

It is truly my belief that everyone has to follow their own path when creating their business or their art. You dont have to start under someone else or follow what those who have been around for a bit tell you to do. I spent the first few years of my development avoiding other photographers and their work for fear that I wouldn’t allow myself the opportunity to figure out who I was as an artist. We subconsciously pick up other’s style when we study or admire them and I just couldn’t let that happen. It wasn’t until recently that I allowed that wall to come down and now I can say that I truly admire other boudoir photographers and photographers in general without it come from a place of wanting to be like them, but from a place of peerage and knowing that my work is equally as good! I can now learn from them in different ways to develop my style as opposed to picking up their style!. Read more>>

Steve O’Shea | Flower farmer

I disagree with the broadly accepted notion that a person/business has to succeed financially at all costs before subsequently using some of their gains to hopefully give back to the greater good through philanthropy. That seems backwards to me. If we aren’t looking out for each other and the planet that sustains us throughout the whole process of growing our business, then we are missing out on an opportunity to create real value and live a life of real worth…not just net worth. Philanthropy is good, but it’s kinda like tipping the busboy $10 on your way out of a restaurant you just helped destroy. Most people see the upfront costs of doing the right thing as a loss. That perspective is missing the larger picture though. Paying your employees well, using local/organic ingredients, or installing solar panels do cost more up front, but the long term benefits outweigh the upfront costs. Read more>>

Racheal Ricketts | Things unlearned from an Entrepreneur

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is the “No days off”, belief. When I first started my journey in entrepreneurship I was a firm believer in the practice that I had heard many times. “If you want something you have to be prepared to work nonstop”, “Eat, breathe, sleep your purpose” and so many other words I either read or were told. So I adopted this notion that I needed to work this way until I reached a “level of success”- whatever that would be. Only to burn myself out and miss out on moments I wish I could revisit. Instead, experience has given me the wisdom of knowing when to burn the midnight oil and when to turn the lights out. Knowing how to balance my business life and personal life, which gives me more creativity and energy for my business. Read more>>