We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Diran Johnson | Recording Artist & Actor

To keep it as real as possible with you and the readers it would have to be to never give up on your dreams. I know that’s cliché but it’s the god honest truth, Because anything worth doing in life is going to be hard it’s going to take time for you to get there, you just have to hold on to that drive and don’t let go do it for the love of it not for what money and fame that come once you have it, and always remember your time will come just got keep pushing through everything to get where you need to be. Read more>>

Justin Peay | Wedding Filmmaker

I would like to preface by saying that, while I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement, I understand that it is an unpopular opinion. I, for one, think opinions are silly. They’re based around past experiences and mistakes made and what our parents taught us and just life in general. What’s true for one isn’t the same for another. Don’t take this as gospel. Just how I live my life. So, this is what I disagree with: “It’s not about the gear.” I know, boooooooo. Hear me out. The motive behind telling this to a new/unseasoned filmmaker is one based around pride. We’re essentially saying, “I got to where I am today because of my own talents.” Not entirely true. We got to where we are today because we used the right tools for the job. So instead of telling aspiring videographers what it’s not about, maybe we should tell them what it is about. I’ll get to that later. Much like a thriving graphic designer isn’t using Microsoft Paint or a Formula 1 driver isn’t racing in a Ford Taurus, as filmmakers, we’re only as good as our equipment. The gear is what limits us. Read more>>

Bria Davenport | Entrepreneur & Educator

‘Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.’ This can be very stressful for the career queen trying to get to the bag & be all she can be. It can be overwhelming to have this mindset because you simply can’t do it all. I know this message is mainly about procrastinating but it is helpful to know you can’t do everything, every day…you have to have a plan. Plans help you stick to your boundaries & if that means you need to do that one task tomorrow in exchange for a nap then do what’s best for you!. Read more>>

Chrysta Avers | Queer Multimedia Artist

As someone who bought into it for so long, I cannot stand hustle culture. Hustle culture encourages people to overwork themselves on a continual basis often merely for exposure. Hustle culture is prevalent in many fields, but especially creative fields because there are not as many opportunities for creatives. Running your own business or operating as a solo artist can be really daunting to get into, especially in the age of social media where tons of artists post work daily to keep up with the algorithm. If you are just trying to get into the field, this is a really terrifying prospect. Artists should not be expected to make a new art piece every single day just to have their work noticed online. When artists make these daily pieces they are focusing often on quantity over quality. My advice for other emerging artists is to make the art that you want to make no matter how long it takes and not to feel pressured to follow social media trends unless you want to. Read more>>

Andre Fluellen | VC investor and Mindset Coach

I don’t believe in the concept of anyone being “underprivileged” because of what they look like. Everyone has a once in history type gift inside of them. This is catastrophic because, as humans, what we believe about ourselves WILL be displayed on the screen of our lives. So the best way to “put down” a certain demographic is to make them believe that they are “underprivileged” because of their skin tone. Read more>>

Taliah Ayers | Relationship Maven

Conventional Advice: You shouldn’t have to teach anyone how to love you. I really hate this piece of advice. Truly. The idea behind this advice is that people should be able to tell what you need in a relationship. The thought that someone should be able to read your mind or the way you need love is common sense, is completely false and dangerously inaccurate. I’ve been working with couples for a few years now and have witnessed people who grew up not apologizing, not giving hugs, and even not saying thank you. There are billions of people on this Earth living their own experience, creating their own needs and expectations. What you need to feel loved and understood is going to be different from your partner. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to find that one person in the world who will know exactly how to make you feel loved, or you’ll forever be lonely. Read more>>

Asia Kuykendall | Wealth Scientist

“It takes money to make money.” Money is made after you spend your Wealth to acquire it. We all have unique access to these natural resources of Wealth and Currency to “make money.” Check out the Quantum Wealth Theory to explore some alternate methods to establishing Wealth. Read more>>

Sara Grassi | Professional Dancer & University Student

Virtue lies in the middle. It’s probably somewhere in between: hung, uncertain, imperfect, neither bottom nor top? This concept of virtue originates from natural selection; the primitive, rudimentary, empirical law of survival: the Darwinist descent CHECK with modification. In my opinion, the concept of adapting is too similar to the idea of contenting themselves. With one life at your disposal, how can you allow yourself not to give voice to your potential? Why must you force yourself behind a facade, having to reshape yourself to fit in the majority’s shoes? Why must you lose your integrity and principles and ideals for society? For what, for what purpose? It may happen out of revenge, when a caring individual discovers their attention will never be recognized or reciprocated from the other members of society. On the other hand, it may originate from every human’s natural desire to blend in with his neighbors, to feel accepted, included, integrated and not alone. Read more>>

Teddy, Jaé, & Trinity Madison | Photographers

One piece of advice that we do not agree with is, “If you build it, they’ll come.” We feel that if you building it, they’ll come, but you have to Do The Work. Some things that come easy for some may not come easy for you and it requires just a little bit more. Read more>>

Mirjana Mallard | Life Style Blogger and Image Consultant

I often hear people say the cliche term “follow your passion”. Over time I have realized that it’s more important to follow your purpose. Passion can be temporary, passion can get old. Instead I think it’s more important to hone in on your key principles and follow your purpose. Purpose is bigger than you, it’s impact over impression. It’s the very calling that keeps you up at night and fulfills a need in the earth. When you follow your purpose, the money will come to you. You will never have to chase it. Read more>>

Halle Hughes | Student & Business Owner

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is “go with the flow.” I used to be a believer in this piece of advice, but then I realized that going with the flow does not allow an individual to create their own path. Going with the flow just lets you sit back and do what everyone else is doing- which sometimes can be a good thing, but other times can stop you from chasing your dreams. I was saw a billboard that said, “only dead fish go with the flow,” and that was when I realized in order to be a trail blazer, you cannot go with the flow. I have always been a go-getter, chasing after what I want, and that indeed, is not going with the flow. Read more>>

Shanyi Robinson | Writer, Author, Speaker

Hustle Culture We live in a time where people have been conditioned to believe that they have to hustle themselves to success. If they aren’t hustling, if they aren’t constantly producing then they aren’t productive. If they aren’t losing sleep, if they aren’t constantly showing up, regardless of what is happening or how drained and exhausted they are then they don’t want it bad enough and thus success is out of their reach. The “I’ll sleep when I am dead” mentality is killing people. It is not allowing the room or the space for people to prioritize their mental and emotional health. It’s this idea that if I am not successful it is because I don’t want it bad enough. I don’t hustle hard enough. I lack the motivation. “The hustler ain’t in me” if I didn’t produce. This is a false narrative that has paralyzed people in the entrepreneurial world. Read more>>

Elena Sanchez | Illustrator & Graphic Designer

This is such a great question! I’ve found that our professional world loves to go to bed early and wake up early. There are even countless books with this golden formula for productivity on the shelves, as well as interviews and podcasts – you name it! However, life is a bit different for the creative mind that loves to wander at midnight. In his book, Why We Sleep, Dr. Matthew Walker explains that across the population, 40% of us are genetically hard-wired to be morning people, 30% are night owls, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. I’d like to believe that a good deal of creatives make up that magical 30%. As far as my experience goes, some of my best work was done between the hours of 12am-3am, and speaking with a lot of my network, the same goes for the majority of them. When we have an idea, it’s sometimes difficult to just clock out when the clock hits 12 if we’re not done visually expressing that feeling. Read more>>

Toni Covington | Owner/Founder of Just A Sip Shop

The one piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is the thought process of “risking it all”. Rather it be leaving your full-time job, giving up a % of your company in the first 5yrs or using all your savings. I believe running a business requires action item goals and realistic strategies; that will in turn not allow you. Read more>>