We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Sekinah Jackson | Cosmetician & Author

The decision to start my business was about more than just making money. Besides working for myself, it was also important for me to show my children how to create goals for themselves and follow their dreams. I don’t want them to adhere to the blueprint passed down to me, spending the majority of life fulfilling someone else’s dream. Read more>>

Sydney Osei Tutu | Recording Artist | Model | Actress | Playwright

Whether singing, modeling, or acting, the most important decision I’ve made in my career is to simply get started. For a perfectionist like myself, this is typically the hardest part of any process. I undoubtedly am my biggest critic, so ever since I came to terms with the fact that to improve upon my work I have to first have that said work released— I’ve been virtually unstoppable. This, of course, is easier said than done. Read more>>

Dashawn Samuels | Ceo/Creative Director – Belly

Changing up my friends and the people I let in my space because I’m a true believer of the quote “you become the company you keep” and I couldn’t & still can’t let negative mediocre vibes touch me just because it doesn’t aligned with the plans I have for myself. Read more>>