We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Audrionna Wise: Air Force Veteran & Beauty Enthusiast

Keeping Faith , in the beginning stages you may get discouraged. There were some months I didn’t get any sales at all. No sales = No money, but I kept pushing. I would refrain from going places and doing things to save & focus on business. Read more>>

Marcus Benitez: Pro Skills Basketball Trainer

The most important decision I made was to invest 100% into my craft. Read more>>

Ashley Witcher: Publisher & Coach

One of the single most important decisions I have made that continues to contribute to my success is the decision to always invest in myself. I am my greatest investment. You can never go wrong or be at a loss when you invest in you. Investing in yourself means that you believe in you, even if no one else does. It’s says, I value who I am growing into. Investing in you shows that your future is important to you and that you want your life to have meaning. Read more>>

Ariel Hodges: Operations Consultant

The single most important decision that has contributed to my success outside of working for myself, was making the choice that regardless of the hardships that I faced…I would always persevere. Read more>>

Angela Henderson: Reiki Master Teacher

Changing my diet and becoming a vegan helped me develop some much needed discipline in my life! That discipline carried over to my spiritual practices, which eventually set the foundation for my business. Read more>>

Tori Autumn: Self-love & relationship coach

The single most important decision I had to make was choosing my inner circle wisely. Those are the people who are going to point out your zone of genius as well as weaknesses that you can outsource. Read more>>