We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Geechi Pettus | Conceptual Artist

Believing in myself and giving myself the time to stick to one particular clothing project . I’ve always been a guy who would dibble and dabble in all the arts . And even with fashion i always went from one project to the next . So deciding to stick to one clothing project and giving it it’s time to grow and become what it has now is prob the single most important decision. Read more>>

Christina Merrion | Photographer

“Don’t worry about the pace, run your race.” Some people are going to accomplish things more quick than others, and vice versa. Once I realized that everybody’s race is going to be different, things just started to click for me. I pretty much just shifted my focus to my progress knowing that in the long run, I’ll get exactly where I need to be. Read more>>

Matt Ruggles | Director of Photography & Producer

My decision to work for myself was largely made almost 20 years ago. Sometimes you are pushed in one direction and that was the case when I found myself laid off after working a couple of years at a broadcast rental house. I immediately thought about working as a freelancer either in lighting or camera department. There is a lot of crossover there anyhow because you really need to know how to light in order to even be adequate with camera. So I took jobs as they came and then the following year I decided to start 7th Wave Pictures. While I still freelance for other production companies I find the majority of my work through my company. My interests still lie most in shooting but also producing. The important decision I made early on was to start acquiring equipment. That meant a video camera, lighting, and audio and it did take a while to build up a nice package but I also got some great experience during this time. Read more>>

BreAnn Robinson | Master IEP Coach® & Board Certified Credit Consultant

The single most important decision I had to make that has contributed to my success was leaving a Fortune 500 company to become emotionally and physically available for myself and my children who have special needs. When I made that decision final, doors of opportunity started to open; however, I still wasn’t emotionally or mentally prepared and failed the first time. Once I prepared my mental and started truly walking in my purpose, another shift happened and even more opportunities started to flow continuously. Read more>>

Parchelle Tashi | Creative Entrepreneur & Educational Film Director

A couple years after I quit my job as a teacher to pursue my business full time, I was invited to move to Philadelphia and merge my company with a leading production company there. It was a great deal and I was so excited, but within months, the deal fell apart, and I was in a new city, without an income or any real savings. It was a failure, and I thought I was too. At this point, I was faced with a big decision: Either I go back to my family in Virginia with my tail between my legs, or I stay in this new city and just keep going. Deciding to stay and figure it out put me on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. Hustle took on a new meaning for me, so did being uncomfortable. Within 3 years, my company doubled, my network exploded, and our client roster expanded beyond what I ever imagined! Philly definitely has a special place in my heart, and it reminds me that everything’s always working out for us. Read more>>

Jimmie Jackson | Owner & Chef at JJC ( Jimmie Jerk Chicken)

Well, Prior to COVID-19 I was working 2 Jobs As a Craft Bartender and had Just Started doing Pop-up Dinners. Before that I launched my Jerk Seasonings line in 2015. I did a Jerk Marinade & Jerk Dry Rub. But when COVID-19 hit, I was Furlong and lost both of my Jobs which pushed me to go Completely Full time with my Business JJC , which is Jimmie Jerk Chicken and Focus on my Catering. It wasDefinitely a Need in my community. So the most important decision I Made was Believing in myself and making That leap. I had already set the Ground work prior to COVID-19. Read more>>

Yaya Reed | Confidence & Mindset Coach

Investing in a coach has been key to my success. I hired a coach earlier in my entrepreneurial journey. I had never been a full-time entrepreneur and had big goals. I knew that in order to reach a new level within myself and reach the business goals I had set out for myself, I needed to get with an expert who had been where I was at one time and had reached the next level. My coach has been extremely successful and she really taught me how to create a foundation for my business and position myself as an expert. Read more>>

Roc Reels | Cinematic Director

Stepping out on faith, trusting God and never give up on myself. Read more>>

Olivia Synclaire Somerset | Artist

Although I have decided to work for myself, I am at the very beginning stages of diving into this new chapter of my life. Thus far I am realizing how crucial and important it is to set goals; and I don’t just mean the end goal. I mean daily goals, including what it is you need to accomplish for the day and the time in which you are choosing to accomplish it by. It could just be one thing, however, every single day you should be taking a step closer to that which you wish to succeed in. I have put off my own success for a huge chunk of time because I was always so unconcerned with the details of the big goals I have set for myself. I believe that once you can commit to yourself fully and whole heartedly, success has no choice but to come to come to light. Read more>>