So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Kaylie Wren | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

In an industry where so many crave community over competition, I want to be remembered for the way that I cultivated that. I have started hosting photography retreats for this sole purpose. As business owners, there is the worldly pressure that we have to be better than everyone around us or push them down to climb to the top of the ladder. However, my calling to be in this industry comes from my faith and love for Our Savior. I am not called to be at the top, I am called to be a servant of the Lord. Read more>>

Lisa Lebovitz | Relationship Builder | Community Connector

I want to be remembered as kind and gracious. My grandmother used to tell me you lose nothing by being gracious, and it really stuck with me. Also, I am really proud that I am a lifelong Girl Scout; one of the Girl Scout mottos is to leave a place better than you found it. That’s also become a motto for me personally and professionally. It’s one of the reasons working in nonprofits has been so empowering to me. I get to leave this world better than I found it through the work I do as a professional with CHRIS 180 and as a volunteer through the American Jewish Committee and Jewish Fertility Foundation. Read more>>

April Jett | The Breakthrough Coach

While I am still here, I want to make a LOUD noise. I want that loud noise to reverberate across the globe. I want that reverberation to consist of people understanding that they are not alone. I want people to know that they have a purpose and that their life in and of itself, serves that purpose. I want people to operate in the knowing that can have, be and do whatever they desire and that it is through the healing and elevation of their Soul that this can be achieved. Read more>>

Marcus Johnson | Professional Detailer

I want my Legacy to big enough to where Generation’s After Generation’s financially will be set.I want people to remember as the Professional Detailer who can Transform any vehicle and also have brought Inventory to my table for the world to Enjoy! Read more>>