So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

A. Raheim White | Creative Designer of RahCrystals + Transformation Wizard

I want my legacy to be full of joy, bold expression, and lots of belly laughs. We live in a world where many things try to keep us in a fear-based state. Fear can make us disbelieve in the magick of miracles, love, and rapture. It can make us question our intrinsic value – planting seeds of unworthiness, and even block the very blessings that we are ordained to receive. I want my legacy to read, “Raheim Raised The Bar. Read more>>

Zion Mingus | Actor, Comedian, & Videographer

What I want people to remember about me first and foremost is the amount of work I put into my craft, as well as myself, to get where I am today. Yeah it’s great to be recognized for what I do on T.V. or from my own local projects but what I want people to really acknowledge is the grind it took to achieve those things. The solid work ethic, the required self-discipline, the necessary sacrifices, decisions, and connections I had to make in order to achieve what my version of success is. Now when we talk about my legacy and what I want to leave behind that’s a whole other life goal. Read more>>

Tiffany Dillard | Founder and CEO of New Voice Books

I want my legacy to be that when my children, future generations, and others look over my life they see God. I want to leave a legacy that no matter what I accomplished in life it was never done without God. I want the future generations to learn to seek and trust God because of my life. I want a legacy that brings Glory To God. Read more>>