We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Stacey Kimber | Wellness Coach, Spa Owner & Instructor

Trust. I know the Bible instructs us to trust no man, but it brings me great joy and a sense of gratitude that my clients truly trust me, trust my brand and product and know that when they come to me I’m giving them the best of the best. There’s so many who do what I do, so the fact that they trust me to help them on their wellness journey means so very much to me and I take it very serious. Read more>>

Dan Brenkert | Video Producer

Selflessness. I’m of the first generation born to my immigrant mother from Egypt and her story is a big basis of why I always try to turn to selflessness and humility in most situations. She grew up in a predominantly Christian family, in a Country where having such beliefs meant some people perceived you as less or treated you poorly. The American Dream was something that appealed to my family as they saw it as a land of opportunity for them to freely practice their beliefs and have better opportunities while doing so. Arriving in New York in the late 1960’s they unfortunately were faced with the outward racism that still existed following the Civil Rights Movement. My Mother, having darker skin/facial features, curly hair and a bigger woman unfortunately became the target of hurtful words and other vile actions. Despite all of her hardships, she’s always managed to be loving, nurturing and forgiving to those around her. Read more>>

Carolyn Hall: Educator, 7x Author, Empowerment Coach, and Speaker

A principle that I believe strongly is that “you are equipped with everything you need to be successful.” I started my businesses, Empowered 2 Teach Educational Consulting and B.o.s.s. Chicks Empowerment Teaching with the purpose of empowering and equipping people to walk in purpose. Empowered 2 Teach Educational consulting is an educational consulting firm, which is about empowering and equipping educators and school districts to create culturally relevant classrooms and meaningful curriculum that improves retention and engagement. B.O.S.S. Chicks Empowerment Coaching is all about empowering women to be Bold, Outstanding, Savvy, and Successful. I teach young women 17-31 how to use what they have as part of their toolbox for success. I, recently, created an ecourse that teaches aspiring writers and authors how to write, promote, and engage an audience for their book. The course is called “You’ve Got a Story to Tell.” It is for anyone that believes that they have something important (expertise, knowledge, experience, testimony) to share with the world. Read more>>

ROSALINE LAW | Certified Health Coach and Clinical Herbalist

The value that matters most to me is good health. A lack of good mental, physical and spiritual health may lead to destruction. A breakdown in all three may lead to a declining and depressive lifestyle. Read more>>

Bradley Hill | Founder of King B+U, Content Creator, Creative Director, Stylist, Plus Male Model, Curator, Microinfluencer

I believe that my work is founded in Representation. My goal as a creative, in every capacity I create, is to provide representation of some sort. My work focuses heavily on putting plus size men in prominent and desirable roles and allowing black men space for vulnerability. I also focus on bringing black people to the forefront as we are often used as background or tokens in the creative space. This need and push for representation stems from my own experience. As a plus size male, I cannot point to a single mainstream magazine, publication, tv show, movie, runway or campaign where someone looks like me (and is not there for comedic relief. I got into modeling to try and be that representation in serious artistic works. Even more so, the work I’ve done as a creative director to feature diverse body types and array of black skin tones and identities was to emphasize the non-monolithic diversity in the black community and give voice and prominence to those who typically do not have it in these spaces. Read more>>

Conquella Essex | Business Consultant, Notary Public, & Professional Writer

Do everything with passion. Never start a business venture or any major decision that doesn’t include passion. You passion is what is going to keep you going when you feel defeated, exhausted, and unworthy. If you are passionate about something, you do it out of love and with this the money will come. Trust me. Read more>>

Liz Thomson | Nica Life Founder

I believe that business can be a tool we use to improve our world. Capitalism has pulled millions of people out of poverty and improved lives. However, the impact of business all depends on the rules we agree on as a society. We don’t have to put profit over the well-being of stakeholders. If companies pay living wages, care for the environment, and invest in communities (such as in healthcare and education) the world we all live in is better. The stock market going up doesn’t necessarily make our society better off. Gains on the S&P don’t improve our lives, or our neighbor’s lives. Nica Life works toward a profit, because businesses need to turn a modest profit to be sustainable, but I believe that profit will come as a result of acting ethically. Care for your people, and they’ll work hard for you. Care for your customers, they’ll support you. Care for your community, they will be your support system. Care for the environment because none of this is yours, you are renting from your grandchildren. Read more>>

Jasmine Clay | Social Worker and Small Business Owner

Integrity. It’s how I was raised, and it’s behind everything I do. I was raised to do everything with integrity and honesty because not only does it make you a reliable and trustworthy person but it makes you feel good inside for yourself as well. Read more>>

Donna Peera | Healer, Reverend, Shaman, ReikiMaster, Intuitive, Sound Healer, Reflexology & Corp Massage &

The most important principle is honesty. When you have honesty in your life; you are free to be and say whatever you feel as well as the person you are dialoguing with. You can disagree but honesty helps us see past the facade or games people play. People spend too much time trying to look ‘normal’ or ‘good’ and what they need to be is comfortable with who they are honestly loving themselves and the same with each encounter is an opportunity to be able to be real. I remember when I was being laid back and no makeup and working physical errands around my office and a woman came in. She had days mixed up that I was open. She had long false eyelashes, long fake nails, lots of make up and an updo hairstyle. She had flashy clothing and stileto heels. I said, “You have come a bit early as we are not opened for business hours this time.” I said, I was busy doing housecleaning in the office and she looked at me and said, “You are a mess!”. Read more>>

Kyree Hamlett | Fashion Designer and Stylist

Respect is something I value. It helps us feel safe in society to express ourselves freely. It is the first positive step in building a relationship. Read more>>

Amanda Diehl | Graphic Designer & Professional Home Organizer

Resilience and commitment. Being a business owner requires the wearing of many hats, sometimes all at once. Both with customers and behind the scenes, we are constantly setting multiple goals while prioritizing and executing them. When things don’t go as planned, I have to stay flexible and optimistic. Some days are obviously more exhausting than others and being able to persurvere and willing to adapt to change is necessary. Committing myself to a goal whether it be reaching our monthly budget or training for the finish line of a triathlon, keeps me determined and productive. Read more>>

Lesa Inglis | Life and Health Insurance Agent serving the Lord

I don’t serve this world, I serve the Lord. That means I’m not driven to make a sale. I truly enjoy helping others and my clients know that about me. They are comfortable calling me for guidance on all kinds of things regarding insurance, obviously, but also disability, medicaid, social security – really anything about which they think I may be able to point them in the right direction if I can’t help them myself. I’m the first to admit there are some things outside of my expertise but as a client told me a while back, “I know you’ll tell me the truth.” I like that I am the trusted advisor I set out to be. Read more>>

Casey Karlson | Plus Sized Model, Body Positive Advocate, Stylist, & Luxury Retail Manager

Authenticity. For a long time, I wasn’t true to myself. The way I dressed, the people I surround myself with, even the way I walked through life were all contradictory to the woman inside who was screaming to come out. I would make myself small to fit in and not draw attention to myself. I think that had a lot to do with the image I had of myself and my body. Growing up in the early 200os was tough as a plus-sized girl. Pleasing others became a priority, no matter the cost, and I was miserable. I wasted so much of my time trying to be someone I wasn’t to please a world that told me it was still not good enough. One day I woke up and decided that if I couldn’t change their minds, I might as well be happy with myself. Inside of me was a bold and colorful woman who wanted to be seen when she walked through a room. I dyed my hair Little Mermaid red and revamped my wardrobe to be the eyecatching, bold statement closet of my dreams. Read more>>

Austin Ludwig | Artist, Songwriter, & Pastor

A pursuit of self-awareness is something I think we should all value highly. Although the word “self” is found here, self-awareness is actually the opposite of being self-centered and egocentric. When we seek to become self-aware we are attempting to understand how we are truly perceived by others around us and those we are in relationship with. To be self-aware is to willingly step out of a selfish mindset. I spent many years of my life operating as what I considered to be my authentic self. I unapologetically was honest with everyone and did all that I could to maintain autonomy. But as time ensued I recognized that my “honesty” and the the truth were two very different things. I left a wake of relational destruction in my path and continued to believe that if people were offended by me that it was their problem. However, functioning this way only created distance between myself and those I desired to love and be loved by. Another attribute of self-awareness is to not just understand what we do, but why we do it. We must ask ourselves what fuels our desires and motives behind our actions. Read more>>