We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Jazzmin Harrison | Atlanta Makeup Artist & Beauty Entrepreneur

There are a lot of misconceptions that people have in regards to makeup artists and how far they can take their career in the beauty industry. Some only know makeup artists for doing bridal parties makeup, mother-to-be baby shower makeup, and other intimate special occasions. Little do they know the scale of makeup artists demand is very wide and varietal. Makeup artists can work on all types of movie genre sets, including horror and thriller like makeup pioneer Tom Savini, a very talented prosthetic makeup artist. Artists can also travel the world with entertainers on tours and for other appearances. Just like the entertainer an artist may be traveling with, the MUA gets a to live the rockstar lifestyle, as well. Different cities every night. living on planes, staying in hotel after hotel, and getting to experience what your celebrity client is experiencing, is a thrill. It doesn’t stop at movies and music videos, makeup artist can also have their work displayed in and highlighted on the front cover of the most prestigious magazines. Read more>>

Shae Chisman | Marriage and Family Therapist & Yoga Instructor

I think that the biggest misconception about being a mental health professional is that you have to ” have it all together”. FALSE! Many therapists started their journey because their own therapist inspired them. Or because they want to provide others with the support they needed. Therapists are humans just like you. We hurt. We struggle. We screw up. We don’t always use the healthiest coping mechanisms. However, we do have the responsibility to ourselves and our clients to be doing the work too. It’s because we have known pain and are constantly healing that we can confidently say to our clients, “It gets better”. Read more>>

Taelar Made | Entrepreneur, Management, Radio Personality

How much hard work it really is—- the sacrifices, long days: longer nights, sleepless nights, missed holidays, family moments you can’t get back!. Read more>>

Lance Sanders | Event Planner & Custom Pre rolled owner

The level of commitment it takes to run a well oiled event. Logistics start normally 6 months before the event, We have to ensure that thousands of people can coexist, while making memories and being safe. It takes a lot of planning. Read more>>

Akia Chambers | Fashion Designer

Most people don’t realize the harmful impact that the fashion industry has on the environment, more specifically fast fashion. The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions which is more than both international flights and shipping combined. In addition, more than 85% of textiles end up in landfills each year. As a result of working in the fashion industry, I was able to see it’s negative impact on the environment first hand. So when I started my business, I knew I wanted to help change that narrative by implementing sustainable practices. To begin with, I operate my business using a made to order model. This means that nothing is made until an order is placed. This helps me to reduce overproduction and excess inventory. In addition, I make an effort to source deadstock fabrics that would normally end up in landfills. Lastly, I use eco-friendly packaging and shipping supplies that can be reused and recycled. Read more>>

Agnes Ng | Interior Designers & Amateur Photographer

For my day job as a commercial interior designer, the biggest thing that outsiders are unaware of is that we are not decorators. That come across a lot when people first heard of the industry I am in, but we are more than what television shows present. We don’t just pick finishes, we do everything from planning, designing, to construction documentation. As a amateur photographer, the outsiders are probably unaware of how much time and effort a photograph can take. It is way more than just a click on the camera. Read more>>

Dr. Holly Sullenger | CEO of Dr. Holly Speaks, PhD, LLC – Corporate Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator

According to training industry research, the skills college graduates acquire during college have an expected shelf life of only five years. For this reason and many others, continuing professional education is a billion dollar industry around the globe. Interestingly, once I started working as a leader in the field of corporate training, I realized quickly that great corporate trainers are exceptionally hard to find. Continuing professional education is mandatory for anyone who wants to stay relevant in their field, necessitating the field of corporate training and the job of corporate trainer. The individual who makes the best corporate trainer is a very different beast. I tried using college professors and community college instructors over the years. Not only did they not appeal to the audience, they, themselves, hated working as a corporate trainer. I also had many SMEs (subject matter experts) insist they’d make great trainers, and they did not – and were not sad to leave that experiment behind. Read more>>