We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Sher Harris | Health Coach and Fitness Instructor

The fitness business is a very difficult business to be in. For me, I asked God to heal my body from a difficult surgery and if he did, I would commit myself to helping others to stay healthy. When I started out, my manager who was my husband at the time, suggested that we open our business on the other side of town. He felt that “those” women would come out, participate and pay for a workout. Fitness at that time was a new fling, and he was right. It went well. I had a good group to come out and participate, and the business grew. One day, I had an encounter with God and He insisted that my music be more gospel and my message more encouraging. I was also encouraged to seek those that looked like me to participate. When I approached my manager with this news, he did not agree. He felt that bringing “church” into the equation was a recipe for disaster. Read more>>

Richard Taylor | Architect

Being a multi-faceted design firm comprised of Architects, Industrial designers and specialized Fabricators, we are able to bridge canyon-sized gaps between the traditional practice of architecture and our clients expectations of their design. One such way we do that is by helping our clients not just visualize their designs with renderings and virtual reality, but by actually building full scale mockups for stakeholders or future customers to walk through and have compelling experiences within the space. We are then able to tease out information from the participants to send back to the drawing boards to better inform the final design. This innovative process is enormously invaluable and has stitched its way in as an integral part of the decision making process for our national and international clients. Read more>>

Ajene Holmes, M.Ed | Educator & Creator of “Lov(Ed) x The Culture”

When people hear the word “education” or “educator” they often associate its purpose with being grounded in student performance and knowledge that is limited to the confines of school walls. Education is more than the classroom performance that includes books and non-relevant activities for students. When I tell people that I’m an educator and that my business in is in the field of education, people think that I must be offering tutoring or working with some school to help students pass some course or state-mandated test. While I have offered tutoring and also work with in-class educators, I focus more on getting the knowledge to the community. The communities whose schools may not have enough funding to invest in learning resources that extend beyond content mandated by state learning standards. Read more>>

Barbara Ellis | Abstract Artist

The art business is just like any other. There are many elements to keep track of, and balance with actual art making. Learning how to find a comfortable flow takes time and patience. Read more>>

Doree O’Neal | Health and Spiritual Coach & Writer

Spirituality is not scary or woo woo. When I start talking about spirituality and spiritual growth, I can sense an uncomfortableness from those that really have not delved into what it means to be spiritual. The conversation can get a bit clunky or worse the conversation may send the other person to the offense. When this happens, I smile, politely exit the conversation and just let it go. I know they are not ready. Part of the scariness is confusion. For over half of my life, I often confused religion and spirituality. Religion and spirituality can co-exist. Religion has history and is sacred. It is beautiful rituals and the foundation of faith for so many people. When I think of religion, I think of a beautiful building, a leader teaching the practices of that religion and a congregation that form a community or family. Read more>>