We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Brody Taylor Smith | Musician/Drummer

When it comes to the music industry, most people don’t realize how much time goes into the smallest things. I can put hours on top of hours into writing, rehearsing & recording parts for a song & most people who end up listening to it won’t even consider that. In a way, this can be a good motivator to create music that’s memorable & holds up even more than you would otherwise. While of course, one of the top priorities of making music is to make what you yourself personally think is great, it can still be a bummer to hear that someone didn’t like what you created. Releasing something & having it be well received, however, certainly helps make all that extra time that went into it feel even more worthwhile. Read more>>

Latoya Britt | Camouflage Tattoo Artist, Educator, & Industry Pioneer

The permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo industry are not very diverse. Even in 2022, many of my clients seek out my services because they struggle to find artists who are experts in dark or ethnic skin. There are tons of excellent artists, but when people think of permanent makeup and black women- they usually only think of micro-blading or brow enhancements. Read more>>

Trell “The Original Cocoa Goddess” | Full Figured Model/ Brand Ambassador

I feel that outsiders may believe that modeling is easy, and it’s not. Full figured modeling is an even bigger tasks because us plus size models are critiqued and ostracized differently, we also have to take more measures to make sure that everything is “tucked and packed” together properly, including wearing the proper undergarments. Modeling is very rewarding but you must know how to focus pass the numerous camera flashes and how to hold a few poses that may be a bit uncomfortable. Modeling is a work out! Read more>>

Clinton Harrison | Owner

There is a science and an art creating fragrances and crafting. scents. To do it well, there has to be a some creativity and passion. Read more>>

Tavaras Amir | Recording Artist / Audio Engineer

I feel that most outsiders are unaware of what their signing and the importance of staying independent rather than just rushing to get a record deal because a number sounds good . I feel that that outsiders need to know that you don’t to have sign the first deal, continue to build a name so you can have full control Read more>>

David Frazier | Founder and Principal at David Frazier

The design industry is very exciting, but it is a challenging business. There are so many facets and nuances to it that I think most people are completely unaware of. Having a design business is like being a jack of all trades. To run a successful design firm you have to be both creative and business minded. We deal with logistics, clients, deadlines, finances, accounting, psychology, relationships, so on. Read more>>

Marschelle Weeks | Licensed Financial Coach

Price. Life insurance is not expensive. Read more>>