We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Taylor Stephens | Foodie Influencer

I think the one thing that I find myself mentioning a lot is the amount of time that has to be carved out to create content. Most think that food influencers just go to restaurants and take pics and stuff their mouths. And while this is not entirely untrue lol, there’s much more planning and organization involved. The medium for content is always changing so whether it is videos or photos, it must be edited. Along with the post production work, a lot goes into scheduling and producing a product plan for customers. Many influencers start off with just posting what they love to do, but as your audience increases and level of work evolves, most strive to put out a more cohesive, polished product. Read more>>

Christophe Chin | Director

I don’t think people really realize how gritty and grueling being an entrepreneur really is, especially in the film industry. Your always dealing with self doubt and wondering “ Am I doing enough?”. I’ve also learned that relationships are more important than capital. The relationships you build along the way open doors that will keep you in business. Read more>>

Diamond Christian | Founder + CEO of Flourished Sensations

Outsiders of my industry are probably unaware that candle making is not easy! It may seem like all you have to do is heat wax, add a fragrance oil, pour and light the candle. But that is not the case. It is an actual science that requires months and months of trial, error, experimentation and lots of money spent throughout. Every single aspect of the candle has to be researched and tested prior to being able to sell a candle. For example, the wicks(the piece you burn) are not a one size fits all! Some fragrances will work so well with some wicks and some fragrances you may have to buy a completely different size and brand of wicks in order to ensure a great hot throw and clean burning candle. Read more>>

Munich Dendy | Hair Stylist

One of the major things I think outsiders are unaware of in my industry is the dedication that it takes. People look at the beauty industry as the multimillion-dollar industry it is, but not everyone understands what goes on behind the scenes. When you get into the industry everything is not going to be peachy, you have to prepare yourself for the late nights, early mornings, the slow days, and the stress that comes along with it. When you’re in the beauty industry you have to keep up with the constant change that comes with it, and I’ll be honest it’s not easy. I still have my days when I’m confused or become frustrated. When I start to get overwhelmed or have thoughts where I’m questioning my purpose, I take a step back and look at how far I’ve come an where I want to be. I always encourage people to remain focus and have tunnel vision when it comes to their goals. Read more>>

Christopher Moore | Recording Artist & Producer

It takes a lot of work. More work than most people get done in a lifetime you know?. Sleepless nights, sacrificing family time, balancing a personal life along with fitting time in to record & plan the next move. It gets difficult at times, especially when you get approached with statements such as “why you not on yet” “it’s been 10 years”, it’s almost as if you’re being mocked. The outsiders looking in see it as, if you’re so good at what you do why aren’t you big as Drake or J Cole? or “this new rapper said he only started making music a year ago & he’s headlining at Rolling Loud, why aren’t you famous yet?” With so many artists popping up everyday it makes it seem easy when when it’s the opposite. It takes many nights for someone to blow up over night, even for the artists that’s not as in-depth with their lyrics. Read more>>