How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Shontrell Davis | Realtor

No risk , no reward! For years, I always took the straight path because that’s what I was taught. I had a good job, roof over my head, & bills were paid. Over the past five years or so, I’d consider myself a risk taker, a rebel even. The straight path kept me comfortable but comfortable wasn’t cutting it; I needed more. I was eager to be debt free and have more freedom. Read more>>

Chelsea Favors | Master Cosmetologist & A Young Boss Doing It All

For a little girl from Winterville , Georgia I knew the only way up was to take a risk . I wasn’t always comfortable taking risks but I got uncomfortable in life and that feeling doesn’t sit well . I always needed to feel something different . Everyday I wake up READY to step into the unknown for my business, my future , and my next generation. I want girls like me to know that making one risk can change your whole life ! Read more>>

Jamarious Simmons | Photographer/Videographer

When it comes to risk taking, I look at it as an opportunity to believe in myself. I would never know what I’m capable of if I never take risks. In my life, the role of taking risks impacted my business for the better. Starting my photography business involved taking a risk. I took that as an opportunity to believe in myself and so far, it has been going amazing. Read more>>

Ryan Arthur | Artist, Digital Creator, Actor, Music Artist, Model, Entrepreneur

I believe that risk taking is essential or even necessary with ANYONE really, not only entrepreneurs, CEO’s, creators, etc, but with anyone focused on doing anything. There are unlimited forms of risk taking, not just with starting a business. People sometimes confuse risk taking with extremely uncomfortable action taking, when in all actually, we take some form of risk almost every day. From going outside, trying new food, pitching yourself for a certain position/role, saying good morning to a stranger, even purchasing a sandwich from your local deli. Read more>>

Ashlei Griffin | REALTOR®

Real Estate is entirely all about taking risks especially not knowing when your next commission check is going to come. This career is completely voluntary and it is up to you to give it your all. Before I started studying for my license I spent a lot of time self developing myself and shifting my mindset because I knew I was getting ready to do something big by taking a leap of faith. I grew up with the mindset of getting a good job and retiring at 50-60 years old to receive a pension. I knew there was another way to reach wealth without giving up my time. I tell everyone who is thinking about a career in Real Estate is consider what you will bring to the industry. Read more>>

Clay Cooney | Pastor and Entrepreneur

I see risk as an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to strengthen my faith. Risk grows and stretches us as it pulls us out of our comfort zones and thrusts us into uncertainty. It pulls us from the areas and fields we feel most comfortable with and forces us learn something new. It makes us believe in something – our skills, our intuition, our luck, or something greater in order to get where we want to go. Read more>>

Jerrimiah James | Personal Shopper

Taking risks and failing is something I can live with. When a bird attempts its first flight, it risks falling to the ground, but the desire to soar among the clouds is great. Still, the bird could decide not to risk it and live its life confined to the nest. Risks are the only chances I have at flying. The regret of never attempting to fly feels more painful than hitting the ground. My willingness to take chances has strengthened my wings. I fly more easily now. I feel strongly that eventually, they won’t feel like risks anymore, just freedom. Read more>>

Chayna Douglas | Actor, Creative Director, Writer and Producer

I think of risk as my only option. I can plan for a plan B, but what is the point if I am not giving plan A a chance? As an actor, if you don’t go for it, the opportunity will feel almost impossible. They say opportunity is when luck meets preparation, so I always ry to stay ready! I’ve moved all around the east coast trying to position myself in a more productive way to achieve my dreams in my career. I moved from New York City to Atlanta with just a suitcase; no car, no legit support system, temporary housing, etc. While it was rough, I commend myself for figuring it out and executing what worked for me as an artist; specifically an actor in the film industry. Read more>>

Stephanie Terrero | Award Winning Actress and Filmmaker

When it comes to risk taking, I’ve taken huge risks my whole life. I’ve lost part time jobs because I chose going to my auditions and callbacks over work. I’ve gone long periods of time in between jobs because I took the risk of prioritizing my acting career, over job stability. Most recently I took the biggest professional and personal risk, I moved from New York to Atlanta. Being born and raised in Manhattan, New York is all I knew, and to leave was scary but necessary. Read more>>

Indigo Grant | CEO of IGM Agency

I feel like without risk there wont be any rewards. It is important to make sure that you step out on fate and keep God first in every thing that you do. After consultations I pray, before and after I close deals I pray, I keep God at the front of every interaction because having discernment in this industry is important. I feel like because I was always living for other people for a lot of years I was not truly happy. Once I focused on myself and weighed my options of what I wanted for myself everything that was supposed to come to me, did. Of course, fate without works is dead and I put the work in as well. Read more>>

JaiNishia Njie Savage | Founder and Ceo

I believe that there is no value if you don’t risk in life. Often we are scared to take any steps forward for fear of failure; each event in life is a grown experience that teaches us about ourselves. Often we remain stagnant because we refuse to go through challenging times that will help us grow. Read more>>

Candace Ray | Esthetician

I think of Risk as an eventual necessary path in life. I feel that most people think Risk is something that is life or death but reality is we exercise some type of risk in daily life. Risk is a finite decision. It’s the exact moment you’re going to do something and nothing can stop you although you know there may be consequences and factors outside of your control. Most may think my story of risk begins and ends with me quitting my job in healthcare and opening my spa but the risk started way before that. The risk was the moment I went to school for something that was outside of what society considers “solid.” Read more>>

Brittani Gray | Founder and CEO of Girls Health Period

Risk-taking can ignite a fire in you to launch something you didn’t even know was possible. I had an idea to donate pads to a couple of schools from a cash app . People kept asking me, “why are you doing this?” I really could not answer; I followed my gut. From cash app to a 501C3, I went from donating to one school to 65 schools locally and over 100 nationally. Read more>>

Shayla La’Ve Intimate Affairs Weddings & Events | Event Planner/Wedding Professional

Risk Big, Win Big, even if the outcome is not exactly what you want, you still Win! What I mean by that is studies show only 6.8% of people will take risk to pursue their dreams, change career paths, invest, whatever. SO the mere fact of taking a risk, makes you a winner! I think a lot of people don’t take risks because of the fear of failure, being uncomfortable, losing something or someone, it affecting their contentment, or they’re afraid of going backwards. Well, that’s a risk! BUT what we fail to realize is, taking risks is not even about that, it’s about YOU! Read more>>