“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Rebecca Azor | Political Journalist

Being true to who you are in workspaces that pressure you to be someone else. ESPECIALLY as a black woman. That matters to me more now than ever because I remember when I allowed predominately male white work spaces with whites male bosses to tell me how to look, or speak. And I was afraid to speak up in those environments for a very long. I was afraid to be black and bilingual. I was afraid to wear anything but straight hair because it looked more proper. I had to endure being in rooms where I was the only black woman and the conversation would sometimes be offensive to me. But I had to keep quiet because I did not want to lose my job. It was draining though. As soon as I started speaking up, and proposing more stories that related to people who looked liked me, I realized that I was more fulfilled. I had purpose. Read more>>

Lenette Holland | Mentor & Creative

What matters to me most? I definitely value remaining true to myself. That’s what #LetItBeGenuine is all about – remaining true to yourself. I feel that honesty is super important and often times we forget to be honest with the person in the mirror. While it’s understandable that the process of that is difficult – it is so important! Once we begin to peel back the layers, we can find the root to the reasons why we operate the way we do and from there make the necessary steps to walking fully into who we are. It is a continuous process. However, once you make the decision to embark the journey it makes it easier to embrace the flaws and to grow. Without honesty, there is no growth. Lastly, I believe it’s important to give yourself some grace and to bestow that same grace to others. We’re human. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s about the bounce back and understanding that you always can. Read more>>

Tad Klenske | Costumer & Tailor

I believe that a product should be durable and easy to use. When I make costumes those are the two things I concentrate on most. I want the person wearing the costume to not have to think about the costume at all when at an event or in a show. I want them to be able to put all of their mental energy into their performance, or to be able to fully experience the event they are at without distraction. I have many clients that are performers who use the same costume piece at least a couple times a month, so having something that lasts without needing maintenance is important. They also need to be fully able to keep their mind on their performance and not if a seam feels like it’s going to pop, or a zipper that jammed earlier and wouldn’t quite close. Read more>>

Ruben Bermudez | Artist & Writer

Authenticity. I think in times like these, with the way things are set up, and how easily fooled or lied to society is. I know that authenticity is one thing that is a rare, and very much called for to bring balance to what molds our society. It matters to me because I want to able to embody the full definition of authenticity, in my work, in myself and how it’s all presented. Read more>>