“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Amber Zurii | Creative Director & Visual Artist

Mentorship is incredibly important to me. I wouldn’t be the artist, professional or person that I am today without the people who’ve poured into me over the years. My first mentor’s name was Nicole, and she not only helped me by building out and supervising my college internship for me, but she also modeled grace, tact, demeanor and being able to be yourself in professional spaces. Read more>>

Susan Fontaine | Founder & Director of Love.Craft Athens

Individuality. I believe this is the core of existence. Each and every person is unique. That’s why we all make up the world the way we do. Some of us like to use our hands and build or grow or create space. Others like to research or test or manipulate scenarios. Some like to work with people, while others want to be alone. Read more>>

Kelly Stewart | Mom, wife & photographer

Being an affordable photography. I love capturing memories and allowing families to have multiple sessions a year to capture those memories by staying affordable. Read more>>

Allison D. // Ray Mitchell // Bronson | Co-Founders & Co-CEOs, FireFlix360

We fully believe in living life fully and wholly. In every way and every aspect possible. Life is far too short to have regrets that you could have controlled in terms of NOT having them in the first place in a situation, and it’s absolutely the best gift in the world, this thing called “life”, to take for granted. Read more>>

Paula R. Amor | CEO of I Write U Wrong Productions

The principles I value the most are inspiration, healing and love. Why? Inspiration allows me to activate individual motivation. Healing psychology, physically and financially is so crucial to the human existence. The love antidote that I am, is what the world has been deprived from and I am that provision. I love being the WHY factor for the rement I am called to. Read more>>