We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Raelynn Janicke | Studio Manager & Mastering Engineer

The thing that makes me happier than anything else on this planet is being able to help people. Whether it’s listening to a friend or having a client tell me I reinvigorated their love for a project, it brings me so much joy that I can bring comfort and happiness to another human being. I think it’s a combo of how I was raised and also just inherently who I am. That’s the best part of me being able to play both roles of studio manager and mastering engineer for Infrasonic. I have a perfect balance of being able to help our clients with their projects both on the administrative side and on the creative side. I can’t imagine a better outlet for my creativity and love for working with people than where I am now. Read more>>

Sean Williams | Musician & Recording Artist

I’m at my happiest when I’m creating. As a musician, there is nothing that gets me more excited than building a song from scratch. When I’m writing or recording, time ceases to exist for me. 6 hours will feel like 30 minutes. Taking existing influences and building them into something new is really special. Sharing your creation with people who are emotionally touched by your music is the cherry on top. Read more>>

Jennifer Williams | Author & Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Helping people makes me happy. Amongst many other things like dancing, singing, and writing, nothing makes my heart more happier than being a help to someone else. If for nothing, I believe it gives people hope that they can make it to tomorrow. Read more>>

Rachel Dorneanu | Psychotherapist and Grad School Mentor

Quite a few things: -working as a therapist -mentoring others in the field -drinking tea and practicing yoga I so enjoy working as a therapist. I help people to slow down, process the events going on in their life, and help them have lightbulb moment realizations. Mentoring others in the field feels like part of my calling. Read more>>