We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Lee Mo | Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Laughing makes me happy. For a brief moment in time, every worry and fear disappears, and I’m fully in the moment. Cackling it all away. It’s same with singing, but it comes along with healing. Creating makes me feel happy and free. Resting also makes me happy. Putting down every heavy weight from the day and feeling light as a feather. My friends make me happy, too. I love listening to their stories and adventures of their lives. I’m happiest when we get to share it together. Read more>>

Jennifer & Patrizio Vasco | Entrepreneurs

What makes you happy? It has taken time for us to discover the answer to this question. There was once a point in our lives where we based our happiness on future successes/accomplishments rather than the present. After self reflection we discovered what true happiness was for us and that was found in the small moments every day. Read more>>

Keeshlyne Lambert | Chef & Banker

Cooking, if I’m stressed, irritated or even just sad the art of cooking always turns my mood into a different vibe. Especially the visions of me plating my food, knowing I have the freedom to create art on a plate gets me super excited * chuckles* I’m like a kid in a candy store. Read more>>