Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Niurka Rosales | Balloon Artis

My happiness is based on everything that gives meaning to my life. My family as a base and main pillar that sustains me. My profession as a Lawyer, Doctorate in Administrative Law in my country of Venezuela, as a personal achievement.
And finally my passion for Balloon Art. Arriving in this country as an immigrant, becoming displaced with my family as a result of the fire in our home here in Georgia. Seeing my family as my little refuge, knowing that they are the engine that gives life to my heart and the strength to continue together building dreams at every step, gave me enough energy to start from scratch again with my project, “Mi Estilo de Fiesta”. I must say that I took the saying “Welcome to the land of the American dream” very seriously. Read more>>

DAZR | Rock Band formed at Clemson University

Music makes us happy because we get to get together with our friends, we get to be creative, and we are able to express ourselves in different ways. We’re all college kids so in all of our classes there are grades, tests we have to study for, deadlines we have to meet, etc. so when it comes to music it’s like an escape for us. There’s no right or wrong. We get to do what we love and be in our own world for a little while. Read more>>

Ty Hawthorne | Artist/ Business Owner

Being around the people I care about and love makes me happy. There are lots of great things about this life but that’s the “it” factor for me. Read more>>

Jocelynn Tyson | Makeup Artist

Makeup makes me happy because I can able to feel confident within myself. The confident I bring in when it comes to makeup always enhance the beauty I have in myself and to be more open . Read more>>