We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

TGRDN Music | Musician, Mom, & Wedding Planner

The things that make me the most happy at this time in my life are my husband, my kids, wedding planning (which I also do as a job), and music, obviously. Getting back to myself after having two kids back to back has been an eye opening and incredibly fulfilling experience. I’m just happy to be more like me again. Read more>>

Edwin Yaeger | Artist, producer & songwriter

Whether it be writing a songwriting, producing for another artist, or performing one of my own songs live, what makes me most happy is creating music. It fills this space that I have for connecting with others and also even acts as healing in my own life. Some of my most fond memories as a creative have come from songwriting sessions that go into the early morning hours of the next day. I really love how songwriting and creating music has connected me with so many people from various different backgrounds. If it was not for music, I would not be able to have nearly as many, if not any, deep conversations with people about life and the world as we each see it. Read more>>

Luis Imery | EDM Producer/DJ (Pwdrd Donut) and Audio Engineer

I would say making sure that I am living in the moment and doing what I enjoy on a daily basis rather than chasing something specific. I would go with this answer because I believe it’s easy to get caught up in negative things when working in the music industry so I believe that if I keep doing what I like to do than I will be happy. Read more>>