We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Brittany Symone | Artist & Creator

Art is my best friend, aiding in my needs of expression, comfort and trauma release. I am most happy when creating, in any form: painting, illustrating, sewing, writing. When my hands are at “play” the world disappears along with whatever was bothering me. Art became a closer friend working in the corporate design world, dealing with the lows and high of adulthood, to discover my true potential. Through creative exploration, I have reclaimed my purpose and moving into a space of servitude. Currently, I am focused on my latest project, NÜBYGNINGS, an illustrated blog of wholeness from my personal journey and anonymous submissions from the community. Read more>>

Carla Halls | The Cactus Beauty Bar

It makes us happy not only when customers give feed back, but also when they return to support our small business over and over again. We have have customers that make it their mission to find us no matter what. If we are not out at the markets, they are asking to meet us at our makerspace to get products. We love all of our customers. Read more>>

Dominique Morrisey | Artist Marketing and Publicist / Entreprenuer / Beauty CEO

What makes me happy is to do what I truly love to do everyday. I love that I am able to have the opporitunity to do marketing within the msuic industry. I am able to show my creative side and it makes me happy. Marketing and music are both something that I am truly passionate about. I am also very happy to have started my own black owned cosmetic company last year! I am the owner of Pynk Vanity Cosmetics. Read more>>