We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

LaToya McBeth | Community Advocate

Serving and advocating for others who may not have the strength to advocate for themselves makes me happy. There are so many people in this world that are experiencing homelessness, generational poverty, childhood trauma and other hardships. These individuals oftentimes feel unseen, unheard, and simply thrown away. Being able to bring awareness to the issues of those that have been marginalized and serving them in a way that makes them feel confident and empowered makes me happy. Read more>>

Ice Cool | Comedian

Making people laugh makes me happy! Comedy, laughter is the best medicine. If I can take 5 mins, make someone forgot about all their worries and problems. That is what makes me happy that know I just made someone forget, that he/she have any problems in the world. Read more>>

Will Hollerung | Photographer & Filmmaker

What make me happy is telling stories that people care about. The one thing that everyone for sure has in common is a connection to the human condition. Love, fear, sadness, and many other emotions play a crucial role in everyone’s own unique journey through life. With my work, if I can bring people from different walks of life to come together and laugh, or cry, or cheer, or simply experience the same reality together, then I‘m satisfied as a creative. Read more>>

Nibbles | Artist & Actor

The thing that makes me happiest the most is making other people happy. Happiness is contagious and I strive to exude that from everyone I come across by simply exchanging a smile. Covid has made things more challenging but when I meet/reconnect, we are all so similar that we can relate to an infinite amount of things and I just try to dig into the optimistic and happier side of things. If you’re happy then I’m ecstatic because I feed off of everyone’s energy! Read more>>

Sana Jawaid | Food Blogger

I believe for each individual that happiness means different things. For me, happiness is being able to enjoy little moments, eating a good meal, going on nature walks, or exploring new coffee shops. I feel that all of these things bring me joy because they feel meaningful. I feel that I am being myself authentically while enjoying these moments. Read more>>