Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Genina Johnson | Author, Blogger and Respiratory Therapist

As a single mother of 3 beautiful children the most important thing I did for my children is to love them. I have two boys and one girl they are my world. Whatever decision I make in life I always keep in mind that my choices will affect them as well. I moved my children from the south side of Chicago one of the most dangerous neighborhoods to Georgia to give them a better life. Read more>>

Ashley Nora | Visual Artist / CEO of Ashley Nora Art, LLC

My kids know that I have a degree and have seen me work in corporate America as an Analytical Chemist. They have also witnessed me take a leap of faith and quit my job and follow my passion of becoming a full-time Visual Artist. I feel as if I have set an example that anything in their lives is possible. If they want to go to college and pursue a degree and a career in corporate America they can. Read more>>

Tiffany Grant Brown | Doula & Mommy Coach

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent is to nurture my own inner child and give her the things that she needs. That meant getting clear on the fact that I am the student and my child would be the teacher. This mindset shift totally changed the way I viewed how I parent and cater to the needs of my child versus my own. Read more>>

Raina Ball | Cosmetologist & Loctician

Taking that time away from work for myself and my kids. I try to make sure the only time we spend together is not in my salon. Read more>>

Andrea B. Flintroy | Confidence Coach

The most important thing I have done as a parent was allowed my son to be himself and express himself in a way where he can be transparent and honest with me. I created a non-judgment space for him to openly express his thoughts and emotions about any situation that he may be in. I created a term called “session” where he is given the space to be vulnerable and freely share his opinions, thoughts, and fears. Read more>>

Quinnesha Larrimore | Public Relations & Marketing Strategist

My name is Quinnesha “CEO Queen” Larrimore. I am a single mother of 2. My one and only son Messiah Larrimore is 11 years old and my eldest “Honorary God Given Child” Mekayla Jenkins is 21 years old. I am a caregiver to my “biological maternal grandmother” but adopted mother Nadine “The Real TikTok Madea” Larrimore who is 81 years old today. Read more>>