We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Rachel Hale | American Idol Top 20 Female Finalist, International Recording Artist

I would say my “why” is the most important factor behind my success. Whenever I feel discouraged, I remember why I started. My “why” keeps me focused. Read more>>

Christena Shreve-Elza Bender | Garden and container Designer, Yogi

I think the success that I have achieved in my business is the never-ending belief that I will be successful and that I have gifts of creativity that I need to share. It is an integral part of who I am and I honor the visions and the endless creativity that I am blessed with. While at times I felt this desire continue to grow, I also know that business fluctuates, dreams can change but I have always known that with my high work ethic that I have no other option but to be successful. I am in the process of rebranding my company, creating bigger visions for myself and dreaming of a future filed with abundance and beauty. Read more>>

Jessica Hernandez Park | CEO & Producer

In order to become a recognizable brand , the product or experience must have consistent and satisfying results. Customers want to know what to expect from their experience. Developing a level of trust about your brand will yield higher sales as customers will be more confident in referring your business to friends and family. Read more>>

Laurie Kinkel | Owner and Yoga Instructor, Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts

Believing in myself, self practice and studying yoga and its 8 limbs. Also, the location of my business is very helpful 🙂 Tybee Island’s beaches are the perfect place to practice yoga! Read more>>

Chelsie Green | Psychotherapist / Astrologer / Wellness Facilitator

I would have to say self-belief. I have definitely struggled with self-doubt (still do at times!) and that can negatively impact my business. Over time, I’ve learned to believe in myself as I gain more experience, trust that clients who see me find me for a reason, and that I can surrender my worries to something greater than me. If I just remember that I’m here to serve and support, I can really get out of my own way and remember it’s not about me. Then I have no self to doubt. Read more>>

Dutty Laundry | DJ

A slogan I live by is “it may be business but it always personal.” I live by it, I stand by it, I honor it. The industry I’m in its a side hustle for some guys, its just a way to make some extra money for others. For me on the other hand, it’s my passion, I thoroughly enjoy it. I think my clients see this, see my genuine affection and attention for detail, perfection and the love of my craft. When I say “personal” I’m not saying I want to become a best friend, god parent to their baby or anything like that. I’m saying I genuinely care and will give 3000% to making sure their day, that day is the absolute best experience ever. People see genuine, they can read the fake and I think thats why my business is thriving, the brand continues to grow and why they refer me to their friends and families Read more>>

Mayah Robinson | Character Designer & Illustrator

When I finally decided to take the leap of faith and fully dive into my art career back in 2019. I knew the business of freelancing as a character designer was not about whether I felt like working. It would require my dedication to the craft despite my feelings. It was about staying committed to it no matter my mood or how others felt about my decisions. Read more>>

Osarumwesnse Adun | The Invisible Architect

NOIRLANDS’ motto: When we realize we make the world go round, we can spin it in our own direction. Knowing thyself is a fundamental principle for understanding your beginning, and knowing your beginning is fundamental to manifesting your end. What will you have done before your last breathe, before you leave this Earth. These questions aren’t mean to inspire anxiety, they are meant to bring for vision into your future. Read more>>

Lorenzi Tyson | Master Cosmetologist

The most important factor behind my success would be my 5 daughters, My dedication and determination in the beauty industry most definitely came from being a single mother of five before the age 23, without them I probably would have never took my talent as serious as I did. I would have probably still been working from this job to that job Read more>>

Keyveona Mitchell | Entrepreneur & Cosmetologist

For me, The most important factor behind my success is determination. When you have the determination to be successful, you have the passion and perseverance for your long term and short term goals. I tend to make decisions for longevity and for where it will lead me in the future. My goal is to always to be sure that each step I take will build a better foundation moving forward. I’m always striving to be better in anyway That I can be. Read more>>

Dana Williams | Published Author & Daytime Emmy Award Winning TV Producer

I am an entrepreneur of an online boutique called Style Elites, a published author and a Daytime Emmy- Award winning TV producer. I can say the most important factor behind my success is my drive, perseverance and consistency to just elevate and do better. I think the most detrimental mindset a person can have is to “not try”. I’ve always adapted to the fact that I rather try and make a better life for myself, then to not. One thing for certain is that your circumstances will never change if you don’t put forth the effort to do so. Read more>>

Allison Norris | Founder and CEO

Integrity. I strive to live and speak genuinely. The foundation of The Dentele Group was built upon honesty and trust. Because of my genuine, transparent and empathetic personality, I have multiple people that come to me daily asking for guidance. Read more>>

Monique Whiteside | Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Public Speaker

The most important factor behind the success of my brand would be my transparency and truthfulness. I don’t paint a pretty picture of the healing process and I’m always upfront and forthcoming about what my clients may face during their spiritual journey. I have endured many challenges, shifts, and adjustments during my own personal journey so I understand how tough it can be. I believe my openness about the overall process makes my clients feel comfortable and understood. They can trust that I will only provide them with beneficial information to help them grow and reach their spiritual goals. Read more>>

Shantae Menendez | CEO JAMILA Reine Models & Stud Model

I do have more then one factor behind my success. First it’s always going to be your Consistency. Even if you ever lack motivation as long as your consistent that beats everything. Then of course being Authentic. Authenticity is super important especially with what I do and what I represent in my own image.I don’t ever want to waste my time maintaining an image of myself that people like but that’s not who I am this is a big part of my success. Of course I can’t forget about patience. “Good things come to those who wait” and that’s never changed, that’s the honest truth, With a little patience, you can be much more successful in the long run. Read more>>

Saphira Sanders | Pro Hair & Makeup Stylist| Influencer| Salon Owner

The most important factor behind my success and my brand that I always stay true to myself. And that I am always authentic in how I evolve in my life as well as my brand. Read more>>

Jazariah and Shamaiyah Hubbard | Youth entrepreneurs

The involvement of our family is the most important factor behind the success of Sensational Kreations. Our family members help us with events, support our brand, and support us with all of our endeavors Read more>>

Drip Kultur | Celebrity fashion designer, actor, musician and jeweler

Being able to take risk and not be afraid of the outcome. My brand has dramatically expanded over time by those risk that I’ve taken. From working with celebrities to starring in my first movie(Everything Is Both) with A-List actors. Read more>>

Dawn Ellison | Media Personality&Coach(CoachDee)

The most important factor behind my brand being successful is believing in myself first and knowing anything I want can be manifested. The success of my brands comes from knowing my worth, working hard, earning everything I get and never letting anyone devalue my worth. Remaining humble and allowing god to lead my steps. And also not worrying about what the next person is doing. Always finding creative ways to be two steps ahead of everyone else. Read more>>

Evil Intent | Band

Making a connection with every single person that walks through a door at an Evil Intent show and blowing their minds at the same time with wild and violent theatrics. Read more>>

Andrea Walker | Founder & CEO of The Bacon Magazine

What is the most important factor behind your success? Mindset. You can have great skill, unique ideas, and perfect timing, but without a strong mindset, you’ll never make the first step towards taking yourself seriously. Starting a publication takes a lot of time and focus. It’s easy to give up when your dream is so big, and you find yourself at the bottom of a mountain of work. It’s easy to dream out loud and tell everyone your goals, but your mindset is the driving force behind your work ethic. I have a doers mindset. If you tell me it can’t be done in a day, I’ll do it in an hour. Lol Read more>>

Mikayla Johnson | Customer Service Representative & Bakery Owner

The most important factor behind my success can be summed up in one word:Faith. I haven’t always had faith in myself or in the fact that I could be successful. I’ve recently been spending more time working on self improvement and self esteem and it has made a world of difference in how i go about my business and my business relationships. Read more>>