We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Lyndsey Arorash | Dancer and Choreographer

I am constantly being inspired by my surroundings and interactions, at least for my choreography. That includes people, nature, animals, and since I’m living in a city where there is always something happening, there’s constantly something I see that can spark some ideas in my mind. Read more>>

Mylo Fung | Creative, Model, Entrepreneur, Internet Personality

I draw inspiration from everywhere honestly. What I love about my mind is that I can be inspired by the most outlandish things or the simplest things as well. My family and friends are also huge inspirations in my life and I am beyond grateful for them. Read more>>

Jamaree Woods | Photographer & Videographer

I am inspired by a lot of things from the 90s. I know that the aesthetic from the 90s greatly influenced my creativity. VHS, Super 8’s, bars and tones, and even film scratches are my favorite textures I like to see in my work. It reminds me that sometimes my failures are not as bad and I don’t need to be the “perfect creative”. Many people love to see these things I’ve mentioned in my work because it brings them back to that ’90s era. Read more>>

Òla | Sex Educator & Coach

I constantly find areas of inspiration as I live my daily life but I’d say I’m always vastly inspired by seemingly innocuous dialogue. Functioning as a sex educator and coach, words are integral to my career and being able to communicate topics and sexual health information that is sometimes intellectually dense in a conversational and plain manner goes a long way. Read more>>

Yoni Sambo | Photographer

Life and everything that comes with it. The connections and communication between other individuals not always including myself. Other artists and seeing their struggle, behind the scenes moments and their triumphant moments. The weather changing on a daily basis, my emotions on certain days, plants that surround my environment, movies that comfort me. Read more>>

Kayla Furie | singer, actress, dancer

Ohhh…this is a good question! One of the first movies I saw in the movie theatre was Cinderella. There is a quote from that movie that my mom started to say to me and it was, “Have courage and be kind.” It seems easy, but sometimes it is easier than others, so I think I am inspired by people who have courage and are kind! Courage can mean a lot of things depending on the situation. Read more>>

Brandon Johnson | Wedding Videographer

I walk into every wedding knowing that I am solely responsible for capturing one of the most important memories in my couples’ lives. Don’t get me wrong, this job comes with a huge amount of stress. Weddings are one-and-done type events. I do get a do-over which makes the pressure of capturing the day perfectly ever so much more intense — but I honestly thrive off that pressure of the day! It’s a healthy amount of stress to keep me on my toes at all times. Read more>>

Natasha L. Rogers | Entrepreneur and Public Relations Consultant

The fear of the unknown and achieving God’s purpose for my life drives and inspires me. What can I achieve if I keep God first, eliminate negative forces and self-doubt, apply the natural talents and skills I have amassed over the years, and utilize my network for the betterment of all humankind? How can my vision light a path of opportunity for others and make our community a great place to live, work, and play? An inquiring mind wants to know! Read more>>

Rico Mendoza | Writer & Content Creator

I’m inspired by the person who’s the underdog, the person that feels like he/she is misunderstood, the person that’s tired but has no choice but to continue to push, and the person that’s just trying to figure out life . I’ve felt like I was each and every one of those people at one point in my life, and each time I felt those emotions I became inspired to be to someone what I needed in those moments . Read more>>