We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Kris King” Jones | CEO & Artist Development Specialist “

To be honest, being able to spark hope in the hearts of my clients all while challenging them to think bigger and dig deeper is one of the biggest things that inspires me. Read more>>

Dayonne Richardson | Author & Educator

I am inspired by my students, everything I do I do with them in mind. From the creation of characters to the audience of my children’s books. With statistics such as 70% of children’s books are of white characters or animals I put my all to being a part of changing the narrative. Read more>>

Rachael Langley | Photographer

I am inspired by photos that make you feel something. Personally, I feel something anytime I see an image of a mother and her children. I look at it and feel as if I am connected to the mother in that photo. Read more>>

Mell Ali | Rapper & Producer

I’m inspired the people I associated myself with over the years. Also I’m inspired by everyone I’ve did music with. Everyone has their own style of music and I’ve adapted to doing every style. Read more>>

Nasir Walker | Film Photographer, Editor, & Videographer

Learning, obtaining knowledge. Knowledge is game, you feel me. I listen more than I talk. From the outside looking in, my journey may look smooth but it’s far from that. Read more>>

Vance Bivens | Afrobeat Artist

There are sooooo many things out there that inspire me. Honestly, I’m inspired by other people. I believe that’s my main motivation. Seeing other people win, lose, gain, grow, literally inspires me create. Read more>>

Anthony Brown | HBCU Advocate, Life Coach, Mentor

I am inspired my life lessons. Simply put, there is so much to live for and opportunities to gain from. There was a time in my life that I all I could do was look at the negative side of things and not appreciate what I had in front me. Read more>>

De’Angelo Wilkes | Artist

I’m in inspired by the dedication and motivation of my cousin J. Arrr and late brother KJ Kwiet Storm. Read more>>