We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Shandra Hailes | Certified Mixologist

Sips & Shots ATL started from my passion for serving others and ensuring a good time. From an early age, I have been inspired by the success of my uncle. Although he is a renowned basketball living legend and NBA Hall of Famer, Walt Frazier has always been a successful and principled business owner. One of my first jobs was working for him. I learned then, that your personal brand is what ensures your success and will take you far. Read more>>

Shakira Shenee’ | CEO & Co-Founder of The Unzipped Podcast

I am inspired by my journey. The younger me has always known that she wanted to become an entrepreneur inspiring women to go after the thing that keeps them up at night. The intense passion to create. So as a young girl I went out chasing that dream daily, and I failed a lot on the way. But what I realize in the present moment is all those moments were stepping stones for where I am now. I learned so much back then that I utilize in my life today. I am also inspired by the future me. I see her living and experiencing all the things that she worked hard for, and the present me won’t let her down. So my journey past, present, and future inspires me daily. Read more>>

Eric Knight | Photographer & Graphic Artist

I am inspired by street art and street culture. Growing up in the Bay Area of California I fell in love with graffiti and street art at a young age. At first I was drawn to the bright colors and bold lines but what was truly captivating was often the power behind art. I am always truly inspired when you can see the passion behind an artist artwork, or even more so when an artist makes you shift your perspective. Often people have a negative connotation to graffiti or see lesser value in handy crafts often found on the street, however if people had the opportunity to meet these artist or understand the passion that goes into their work I believe these artist would inspire the world. My inspirations come from a number of places but my largest inspirations have come from vibrant colors, seeing the passion in an artist work, and simply just getting out and exploring the city. Read more>>