Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Ian Pendlington | Band member and Manager

The most important thing to us has always been our team and our support system. The team being just three members of the band. We are always there to continue to motivate each other when things inevitably feel stressful or overwhelming. We also push each other creatively to be better than we have been before. Our support system is our family and friends. We are fortunate to have very supportive parents that allowed us to work in their homes until we could afford to get our own space, and we have all have partners that understand and support our career as independent musicians. Read more>>

Jeofry Wages | Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitarist and Songwriter for Ozello

I think what draws people to our music more often than not is the overtly queer themes, our openness in our songs, and our general energy. I always say that I like to write music that I wish I had growing up as a deeply closeted queer kid in south Georgia. Back in the pre-COVID days, I would constantly have other young LGBTQIA+-identifying people approach me after shows who would confess that they had gone through similar struggles and joys as those I write my songs about. It means the world to me that my band could find an audience that appreciates us the way they do, and I really hope that we can capture some of those same moments whenever we start playing live music again. Read more>>

Deonta Blount | TV Host, & Media Tycoon

The most important factor behind my success/success of my brand are my deemed failures. My senior year in high school cheerleading. I gave birth to my son categorized as a teen mom in a box of course and forced to quit my passion. What was considered failure by peers became the driving force for all the decisions for anchoring my success and a brand with unique authentic lady like standards seeking to provide others with opportunities that were limited to me but are widespread on my limitless platform. Read more>>

Halle Neeley | Lead Wedding Planner and Owner

The most important factor behind the success of Halle Neeley Events is authenticity. When I created my company, I was very intentional about naming the business after myself. I wanted to be held accountable for my client experience and I also wanted potential clients and vendors to know the name (or face) behind the brand. I’m working on intertwining more of me into my social media accounts so I can develop a more personable brand. Read more>>

Camia Green | Dancer/Choreographer

My favorite thing to say to people is follow your bliss . To me that means if your heart and souls yearn for it do whatever you can to make it happen. Sometimes you’re given signs in the people you meet or just being in your ordinary natural habitat. My dream was to travel to Israel and up to leading to my travels I would randomly meet Israeli strangers or listen to random songs by Israeli artist on the radio and finally was given an opportunity to perform their at someone else’s expense. I knew it was my time to go and experience and I left everything I knew to follow my bliss. A lot of people are afraid of their dreams because they’re so large and feel that they don’t deserve it . You have to find your value and invest in yourself just as much as you invest in the people you look up to. Read more>>

Zipporah Camille Thompson | Visual Artist

Success is defined as fullness, joy, and satisfaction with myself, my choices, my interactions with others, and my experiences. While these experiences are both fluid and complex, I measure success not by the lens or values of others, but that of myself. I have discovered that I’m incredibly resilient and resourceful; patient, diligent, and hard-working. Regardless of all that I’ve been through, I’ve used my art as a tool for healing, a catalyst for change and self-help, for not only myself, but my community. I use visual language via sculptures and installations to communicate hope, vitality, and power. I’ve turned inward to my earliest ways of knowing how to process emotion and of communicating by way of making, creating, and collecting. Operating in love and spreading kindness is key to the happiness and success of myself and others. Read more>>

Barbara Flury Knight | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is believing that faith in God, self, and loving and serving others is a great adventure with surprises of unexpected turns, challenges and rewards that ultimately work out well for most others and myself most of the time. The most important factor behind the success of my (personal) brand is expressing joie de vivre through my smile, confidence, and attitude.. The most important factor behind the success of the corporate brand (Enviropouch) is continually believing in the dream, vision and mission of excellence in manufacturing a reusable steam sterilization medical device by continually serving professionals’ needs through its innovation. Read more>>