Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Seãn Johnson | Creator & Host

I think what makes people sit up and pay attention is the caliber that I hold Cigar Conversations® to. My benchmark is and has always has been that of the network because that’s the first of a few stops to my end goal. When I did my logo, I gave it a facelift after a few years because I wanted it to stay “fresh” after that I added an actual customized soundtrack that speaks to the show. Read more>>

Nanette Richelle | Change Agent & HR Professional

The most important factor behind my success, is my faith. There is peace in knowing what your purpose is, what you’ve been called to do and that it will all work out for your good. That’s where success lies. For me, it started with understanding my “Why” and leaning into that. From there I understood that I defined my own success. It’s not defined by likes, followers, how much revenue is generated, etc. – I’m successful/MaximizHER is successful because we know who and what we stand for and what we bring to the world, and that’s enough. Read more>>

Aric B. | Artist & Virtual Pastor

The most important element of my success, or the beginnings of it at least, is trust. For so many years, I thought I would be solely responsible for my own success. I thought everything that happened for me on the journey would be because of a decision I made, a risk I took, or a dream I had. After having little to no one listen to my music but close family and friends for a few years, I decided that I wanted to take my artistry to the next level – but that would require people. Read more>>

Lina Lassiter | MA, AGRMS, Grief, Forgiveness, and Healing Coach

The most important factor behind my success was getting out of my own way. When traumatic things happen to us in life, we can take on the mindset of a victim or conqueror. For many years, I carried around the hurt and pain from my past, which caused me to be angry, guarded, and uncertain of my untapped potential. Additionally, I had little to no self-esteem. Read more>>

Redeemed | Rapper, Songwriter, & Producer

The most important factor behind my success might come as a stark contradiction. Many don’t want to hear the message that success is directly tied to its antithesis—failure; but for me, this statement rings true. I have learned in my career that failure and success are in intimate relationship. We live in a culture that uses social media to crop out failures. A generation where we have the freedom to put a filter on the rough patches in life. However, I have seen what society would characterize as failure, be the very thing that led to my success. I have had my gifting displayed through several opportunities over the years. Read more>>

Shondale Clark | Corporate Woman & Entrepreneur

It’s hard to name the “most important factor” because I believe my success is the result of a number of factors – and they’re all tied together to play a part in my success. These factor include being focus, commitment, quality, consistency & going ABOVE and BEYOND in everyone you do. If I had to pick one it would be consistency. I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and knowing that GREAT things take time. My passion entrepreneurship runs deep for me. I continue to grow and learn in every aspect I can. With every opportunity I’m presented with, I soak up as much information I can. Read more>>

Truly Yours Coordinator | Wedding Coordinator

How much we care for our brides and everyone we work with to make our couples dream day come to life has been a huge factor to our success. Its not just about us its about the team you create and work with to make it happen. Being a good team player makes a huge difference and caring about the smallest of details. We love what we do and it shows. We work great together and balance each others strengths and weaknesses. We’ve also had amazing couples that we’ve been blessed to work with. It has been an great journey so far! Read more>>

DJ Jon Quick | Celebrity DJ – WBLS 107.5 NYC, Scratchvision Radio and Majic 107.5/97.5 Atlanta

Authenticity and work ethic are the two most important factors behind my success. Also I learned early on that branding is a 24/7 job so that means you always gotta be ready for any situation that might arise in your chosen field. Read more>>

Armani Jones | Entertainer / Comedian

The most important factor of my success; Is the people that surround and support me. They build me up, They give me energy when I don’t have any. They give me motivation when I’m looking for it. Help me with evolving new ideas. My team @ LoveGrooves Productions, Cid Santiago, Shaquena Horace, The 1st Lady Danay, John, Lylah, they are the key to my business’s success, My determination for a successful brand is a big factor in my determination, to get out to the people. Read more>>

Lina Thomas | Proprietor of Jars of Joy

The most important factor behind my success is believing in the work that I do. The brand is just the outward label of what ever it is you do. There are lots of people going to mundane jobs every day because they feel they need the income to pay bills with rather than doing what they believe in. having a fulfilling job where you want to get out of bed and jump in to every morning, Read more>>