We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Muffy Rainbowpuffz | Life Coach & Educator

I would want to leave my community (wherever I am in the world) better than it was before I leave here. I would want Black Ganesha Consulting LLC to be well known for affordable mental health care & a directory for creative services by minorities. I want to be remembered as a person who was passionate about life who gave everyone space to be their honest self. Read more>>

Imani Brown | Model & Business Woman

I taken tons of risks and made a lot of sacrifices to where I am in this moment. I left college and moved out here to Atlanta without knowing anyone, and had to really get it on my own. I have had to build everything by myself and for myself, so that’s definitely what I want my legacy to be. I want people to remember that I chose myself unapologetically and without compromise. I have envisioned this life for myself since I was a little girl, and by believing in myself while being hardworking I made it come to be. I want people to remember that I stayed dedicated to my “why” and didn’t let anyone or anything change my narrative. Read more>>

Chantell Rice | Jewelry Artist and Designer

I believe that we are all created by a God that loves us, and that the breath of the living God gives us life. That being said, I believe that as a follower of Christ, He lives in me. I want that reflected in my interactions with others. I want people to experience life when they are around me. I want them to feel a draw to the Lord. I am an imperfect human, so I’m going to screw up. However, my desire would be for the light and life of Christ to flow out of me. That would be the ultimate legacy!. Read more>>

Jean-Philippe Gibson | Real Estate Consultant & Entertainment Consultant

That I genuinely love people and helped as many people as possible from all walks of life regardless of the demographic they belonged too, or their socioeconomic status. I just want to help people, and aid in people becoming the best holistically healthy version of themselves. Read more>>

Evelyn Bailey | Miss Plus World America 2020

I want to be remembered as a woman, a queen, who was deeply passionate and had a heart for helping people. I always want people so say “wow she never allowed her fears to stand in her way.” I aim to be guided by my faith and intuition and act in ways that positively impacts the Character, Health, Attitude, Narrative, Growth, and Environments of others, leaving legacies of love and compassion everywhere I go. Read more>>

Tamara Cook | Entrepreneur I Chandler

It’s IRONIC that this particular question was amongst the selection. I have a candle from the Oblivion Men’s Collection, named LEGACY. I want my LEGACY to instill in others that you can set out to accomplish any goal at any stage in your life. I’ve worked since I was 16, I’ve obtained several degrees and held many job titles. There was always a voice, which said “I could do more”. Leave a solid foundation for my Son, and teach him the benefits of believing that God, has a plan for us all. I want people to remember me as a fun loving, goal reaching trendsetter, who put her ALL in everything that she does. Read more>>

Tiffany Oakley | Beauty & Skincare Entrepreneur

I want people to remember that even when the odds were against me, I didn’t stop I got knocked down so many times and every time I wanted to stay down and give up my mind and body wouldn’t allow. My legacy would be to pass down this fire inside of myself to my children. The determination I have to be successful, is an on going flame and that’s what people will remember once they see my Multi-Billion dollar company(speaking this into existence) because so successful we’ll end up on the stock market. Read more>>

Brandon Greere | Fashion Designer, Artist

I want people that come from less than stellar circumstances like me to not give up don’t let where you come stop you from where you trying to go I want to be know for inspiring people to be more than average and stop being what society says you have to be or supposed to be and don’t give up you can become anything you set your mind to with hard work you can achieve anything you put you mind to. Read more>>