We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Crazy8theGreat | Nerdcore HipHop Artist

I want my legacy to be one of infinite inspiration and triumph for anyone like me that once felt hopeless to follow in my footsteps to take the envelope and push it even further than I did. When it’s all said and done I want people to remember that I fought for self confidence. Remember that I wanted better for myself and showing them they deserve better to and that it’s possible to obtain your wildest dreams. Read more>>

Ciara Farmer | Ciara Sherae | Photographer

Undeniably, I want to be known for my kindness! We often talk about generational wealth as it relates to finances but I believe one of the greatest generational gifts you can leave behind is authenticity and kindness. What I’ve discovered is that when you are driven by passion and work your gift, money will come but when you’re kind, you gain things that money cannot buy; Connections, love, purpose, and feelings of being fulfilled! Read more>>

I Am Shanny | Singer & Songwriter

Ha! Wow. Honestly, I am still figuring out what I would like that to be. All I am certain of is that I want, when people hear my words, read them, view my journey, along the way, that they feel my soul in it all. I just want them to remember me. That’s all. Read more>>

InfinityBlu Events LLC | Event Professionals and Graphic Designers

We want to leave behind a legacy of excellence and of commitment and dedication to our craft. We are trusted by clients to take their most memorable moments and allow them to be larger than life even if it’s just for a moment. Celebrations are our way of acknowledging a milestone, a pivotal moment or significant change in life. We want people to remember how the level of care and detail we put into these most precious moments and celebrations made them FEEL. Read more>>

Khristin Isley | Educational Consultant and Designer/Content Creator

My name is Khristin Isley, 28 year old African American female, living in Atlanta, GA. I am original from a small town Ramseur, North Carolina. A town in which has four stop lights and everyone knows everyone. I was pretty shy growing up and many would say I am an introvert. However, I feed off of energy and vibes. Read more>>