We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Elizabeth Roberts | Book Publisher and Film Director

I want to be remembered by how much I help people. By being a book publisher, I help many authors dreams come true. A lot of people have stories to tell but just don’t know how to translate it to paper, that is why I created Arait Justice Media Group LLC. At Arait Justice Media Group, I help people all over the world achieve their dreams of becoming an author by getting their stories out there especially if it can save the life of a reader. I want people to remember that I aimed to help change the narrative of the literacy arena. Read more>>

Skate Jones | Founder of Feed The Streetz

That’s a tough question because I honestly feel like I barely even got started yet so I haven’t really thought about what I want my legacy to be or what I want people to remember about me. But to answer that question, I want my legacy to be that I was true to myself and didn’t act a certain way or follow the crowd to fit in. I don’t fit in. Never did. Never wanted to. I do my own thing. That I was unique. A family man with a caring, genuine and pure heart. A person that stood up for what they believe in. A person that did his best to change lives for the best genuinely and put others in a position to win. Read more>>

Jonathan Weston | Vice President @global technology brand and Founder @Wanderland

When it comes to the question of legacy, mine will be that of a builder. I want to be remembered for the fruits of my labor and the work of my hands. I see it as my way of honoring the god that we worship. Whatever god that maybe. In the honor of god, I build before the user understands why what Im building is needed. This will be my legacy working to honor the supremacy of god by building the future we wish to see. Read more>>

Nurse Haskins | “Transformational Speaker & Nurse Coach”

I truly believe that my legacy is being created while I am here. I believe “Nurse Haskins” the brand, the woman behind the brand, the mom, the friend and nurse coach & mentor will be remembered for my HEART~which has always been for people. I am always touched by the impact….by use of intentional words that inspire, motivate, cultivate and transform a community of change within the profession of nursing. Read more>>

Jason Williams | Rapper, Producer, Photographer

Overall I really want to be seen for helping the community and being a good person. I want to make music with my friends like jimmy., Oluwadoe, Joe Kappa, and others and I want that music to connect with people. My friend Malach listened to my song “4thesky” and told me how it hit them on a personal level and that really resonated with me. I just want to keep experimenting with genres and make music that people can identify with. Read more>>