We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Awesome David | Clothing Entrepreneur

I don’t necessarily want people to remember me, I’m just another human being, I never cared for fame nor do I value money. Personally, I would love for people to remember my actions more than anything. Since I was young I’ve always wanted to add something to other people’s lives whether it was joy, excitement, or just company. And now I can do all of that through my brand, Reign Clipse. Being able to advocate for those pursuing lifelong dreams and goals is enough for me. I never cared for what people thought about me and to this day I don’t. I just ask that everyone remembers my actions. Read more>>

Aleasa Word | Emotional Intelligence Practitioner | Speaker | Diversity Strategist

My legacy is tied to my purpose. My purpose statement is “ Inspiring hope while holding on to my own even in challenging times and spaces ” With that in mind I want to leave a legacy of hope for all. We hopelessness is a lie. Even a homeless person will hope for warmth, food, shelter etc and that keeps me pushing to align my actions with my purpose statement. Read more>>

Taylor Ooley | Business Owner & Seamstress

The sustainability and zero waste world can be aggressive at times. There is a lot of shame that is given out for people not trying hard enough or not succeeding in the unrealistic standards of a “zero waste” life. When I first started Totally Taylored and had to go out into the world to sell my zero waste products, I found that so many people weren’t interested in what I had to sell because they weren’t a zero-waste household. It took me by surprise at first, and then immediately altered into action. I realized that I have the ability to be a light in the zero waste movement that is not judgemental or shameful towards others. Instead, I work to create a space that is forgiving and encouraging. I never shame anyone into using my products to be environmentally conscious because it is not my place to do so. I want people to remember the feeling of being met where they are in their journey and given information that could help them create a more sustainable lifestyle. Read more>>

Anthony D. Sparks | Speaker | Content Creator | Certified Life Coach

I simply want to be remembered as a guy who tried his best to help others live a life OF purpose, ON purpose. That’s my personal mission statement, and that’s why I believe I was put here, to help as many as I can to be purposeful in however long we have on this earth. I hope that in pursuing that mission, I’m also remembered as someone who was real and relatable, just a decent guy trying his best to love and do right by others. Read more>>

Emonie The Original | Independent Singer-Songwriter

I want to inspire someone to be brave enough to be themselves freely without the fear of what others think. I feel like, this kind of thing is a disease…these self limitations. In high school i had this “diseased” mindset, but I overcame it, I just want to be an explain for my family, friends and followers. Read more>>

Margalena Lepore | Skyscape Artist & Counselor

Legacy plays a huge role in my work. In most of my series, I end with a piece that challenges the viewer to think about about their legacy. Whether with words or the composition as a whole. I do this because of how much I have thought and reflected on legacy. I paint skies because you have to look up. You can’t be looking at you or the ground and see the sky. It is a constant reminder of how short life is and how much we can do with it. I want my legacy to be one of kindness and compassion. One where my faith is central and everything I do radiates out from it. I was in a bad accident years ago, and moments like that stop you in your tracks and make you consider what you would have left behind. Was I authentic? Did I listen well? Did I love well, most of all? Legacy is something that lasts far longer than our lives on earth. When we die, legacy keeps going. I believe we still feel the legacy from many many generations before us. I know, if I touch just one person, if I love just one person well, that will have an impact into future generations. Read more>>

Caroline Bowen | Wife, Mama, Baker, Pharmaceutical Sales, Entrepreneur

I want my legacy to be leaving the world happier than I found it! When you feed someone, you aren’t just feeding their body, you are feeding the whole person. You make them happy, You help them feel secure. The world is a happier and better place because they are fed! Especially when they are feed good, homemade treats! Life needs sweetness, it doesn’t just need nourishment, it needs Sweetness. Read more>>

Jaclyn Hofmann Faircloth | Theatre Professor, Director, Actor, Mom…

Just the other night I watched Cynthia Barker’s “The Confident Woman: Art for the Heart Series”, and Cynthia and one of her guests were talking about the value of being vs doing — and that really struck me. They said things quite beautifully, and I don’t want to poorly paraphrase! So, I encourage folks to watch: https://youtu.be/b7KZ4EmHtcs The conversation has been cycling through my mind since then. One of my big take-aways was to stay focused on who I am, what I’m bringing to the room, how I’m engaging with others vs putting so much weight on “productivity” (what have I done, how much have I done, etc). All of this to say, if I were to ever have a legacy I think that’s what I’d want it to revolve around: who I am versus what I’ve done. We have so little control in this lifetime… if the pandemic has taught us anything, that theme comes to mind. But we choose how to treat others, and how to treat ourselves. I hope to always be improving upon those skills. Read more>>

Frederick Pritchett | Manager , Promoter , Photographer , Videographer , Event Planner

If I we’re to leave this earth tomorrow I would want my crew to know giving back knowledge of truly understanding our creative discipline will improve our communities. Inspiring our communities to innovate and strive for excellence. My drive to create G.BE was to make the impossible possible making opportunities for others when there was no immediate one present. Read more>>