We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Kadé Hill | Award-Winning Filmmaker & Design Engineer

I want to be remembered as much more than just a filmmaker. I’d like my legacy to include making a major impact in the film industry and changing the way that people of color are represented in today’s media. I want to invoke change through the stories that I create and use entertainment as an avenue to raise awareness and bring about change. Read more>>

Mia Rio | Actress and Singer

I don’t believe I’m in this world to make it all about me but I do believe all our interactions with people leave a mark, and I sure want to leave a mark of hope and encouragement and transformational love. If one song, one movie or TV character I play, or one story I write can help transform somebody’s life, that’s the legacy I want to leave behind. Read more>>

Ashlyn Cathey Kasten | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

I believe that many photographers fall into the trap of comparing our work with others in the industry. Naturally, the perfect photo becomes the forefront of our minds and the objective of our pursuit. However, taking a step back, I have to ask myself the extremely difficult question of “why does this photo really matter?” There, I find that my framing and edits do not suffice that pressing question. I believe the answer to that question lies within the photo and not the photo itself. My photos matter because of the people I get to capture, the stories I get to hear, and the moments of love that I get to witness. I hope my legacy is rooted in the way that I loved on those that stand inside the four walls of my viewfinder. I hope I am remembered by those people as a photographer that invested in them and celebrated the most precious moments of their lives. I pray for my clients, care about their experience, and try to go above and beyond for them. Read more>>