We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Chevonne Harvey | Creative Photographer & Model

“You get to decide the legacy you leave.” That’s about as simple a statement as it gets, right? (Calling Captain Obvious!) Of course, your actions, your behavior, your commitment, the effort you put in, your innovation, your creation is that “thing” that you will leave behind. Legacy can be tricky because it doesn’t matter what you want people to remember you by because you have different experiences with different people. I can honestly just hope that people can remember me by being Kind, caring, a risk taker, someone who didn’t allow a soul to tell her who she can and can’t be. My legacy will be just being a Carefree creative who spoke threw her art. Read more>>

Jenne$$y | R&B Singer & Songwriter

I want my legacy to be bringing timeless, inspiring music into the world. I want to be able to impact lives with my music, whether that is getting someone through a rough time, bringing positive vibes into the atmosphere or just having people really enjoy listening to the stories that I tell in my songs. I want to be able to have something concrete that my family and friends can go back to and say “she created this and it contributed good things to the world”. I want to be able to bring general wealth into my family and be able to take care of them from doing what I love. I want people to remember me as a unique and vibrant artist with many stories to tell. Read more>>

Casey Doran | Artist

I want people to look at the photos and writing and either be inspired or get a big laugh at it. Anything positive to contribute to them. Read more>>