We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Ashley Street | Boutique Owner, Speaker, & Author

i want my legacy to be great. My desire is for people to remember me as a go getter. A woman that carried many hats with grace. A trailblazer for those that have come after me. A person that was never afraid to take risk. A person that has tried what has never been done before in her woman. A woman of great strength, courage, and fearlessness. A God-fearing woman that did not do anything without prayer. A woman that loved a family and would do anything for them. I want people to remember my big heart. Read more>>

Carolyn Miller | Artist: Photographic and Digital

I want people to remember that I chose to flow with my own personal impulses and was not directed by the herd mentality. For example, for a while, I struggled with the notion of needing to “fit” into a particular genre as relates to photography: fine art, architecture, portraiture, digital artistry manipulation, etc. It occurred to me that I just could not embrace any particular category. So, I started to flow with all of the possibilities that emerged from my Being. Read more>>

Naomi “Nairobi” Allen | Performing, Visual, & Teaching artist & Business owner

I want to be remembered as someone who touched lives, inspired individualism, promoted health, healing, innovation, and positive change in the community, was generous and compassionate with a good heart and a sweet spirit, as well as a mentor to the youth and communities that I served. I want to leave a long lasting legacy that can empower those I am leaving behind and the lives that I impacted. The youth is truly our future and it’s a huge reason why my work is centered around them. Read more>>